Clay mask and Sweat. 😭😭😭?

So... I just finished putting some clay mask on my face. Then something annoying happened! My face started sweating!

The clay isn't drying up. Will this affect the effectiveness of my clay mask? what should I do? Should I remove it, wash my face and put some again?


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  • Did you just get done working out? If it's not drying up I would return it cause it won't give you any results

    • after putting it on what I did was I tried to look for my nailcutter to clip my nails but I wasn't successful then after that my face started sweating. :( oh no. i just let it be for 15 mins and washed my face. 😭

    • lol so after looking for that you started to sweat it makes sense you should just lay down

    • next time I will. 😂

  • It should dry eventually

    • oh.. okay. so.. there's no harm in that? it's okay to sweat with clay mask on your face?

    • Of course. There's no harm

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