Girls: I'm going to a Maroon 5 concert on the 11th and I have no clue what to wear?

hey girls,

i need help with pretty much everything lol hair, make and mostly clothes.

guys, you can help out if you'd like!


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  • 1. Clothes: Jean shorts, a t-shirt, tank top or anything you find comfortable in hot places( all the people around you will cause body heat and you will get very hot ).

    2. Shoes: wear high top converses or any sneakers you have. But make sure the shoe laces are short so people wouldn't step on it during the concert ( you might fall if someone did ) . DO NOT wear flip flops because people will keep stepping on your toes and you will be in pain during the whole concert.

    3. Hair: Wear your hair up like in a high ponytail or a cute French bun.

    4. Make up: If you wear make up, wear liquid proof eyeliner because if you sweat you don't want it to get messed up and also wear some lip gloss. You can wear a sexy smokey eye if you want.

    Good Luck at the concert :)


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  • yeah defenetly shorts and I think a cotton top could be nice or a fresh material because its defenetly going to get hot around all those people

  • Oh that's awesome (:

    usually for concerts I just wear my hair up,shorts,a tank top, nice make-up and sneakers.

    Especially if it's general admission you definitely wanna wear a tank top because you can get pretty sweaty in the crowd..

    hope you have fun. (:

  • I am jealous! Ok, so concerts always get pretty sweaty maybe nothings too major on the make up line the eyes a bit, slight copper shadow, and a little lip stain?

    Hair! Tousling it would be pretty awesome :)

    Clothing? Jean shorts, babydoll tank, and low cut converse, or flip flops, maybe some cute vans? (not the skater kind)

    Have fun!

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