Girls, Has anyone recently started to wear a thong haha?

OK so my new school pants are a bit tight over my bum lol so I bought a pack of 5 thongs nothing sexy just plain white cotton but WTF they are so uncomfortable!!! HELP?

Not to sound silly but are they meant to ride up your bum lol?

Was your first thong comfortable?

How did you get used to it?

How long did it take to get comfortable?

Do you prefer thongs or g strings?

How did your parents react when you started wearing them?

How often do you wear thongs?


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  • I wear them because I feel more confident when I do: I'm aware of what I wear underneath clothes even if people don't see it, and I like to put effort into my looks for myself ahah. In a way that's how I give the power over my looks back to myself. At first it's never comfortable because we're not used to it, but it didn't take me long to: now 90% of my underwear are thongs and g strings lol. Personally I prefer the second one, after a while you forget it's even there. I didn't really tell my parents, but they're the ones who pack them when we go on vacation, so.. however they didn't say much as I've made it very clear to them in the past years I don't shy away from wearing clothes I like because of the stereotypes society has built around them. It's always best to be comfortable not only physically, but psychologically too, so if you like to I say you go ahead and wear them! Of course if they never stop being uncomfortable you might want to consider other kinds of underwear lol.

    • I've only worn them a few times
      Do you have to wear them every day in a row to get used to them?
      How long did it take you? X

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    • Yeah I surpose I could wear them every day for a week to see if I get "hooked" or not

    • At least you'll know ahah, just make sure you never get so uncomfortable it impairs you in anyway, be it physically or mentally

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  • Nope
    I would wear it only if my SO wants me to only for bedroom.


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