What is the best nail shape/style and length?

long, short, square, pointy, etc.which one do you prefer?

do guys find it a turn off when they see a girl with nails that are too long or too short (what is "too long" and "too short"?).or does it not make any difference?

(show a picture if you can)


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  • Too long is horrible, short with no white is acceptable. A little length without being extreme is probably best, imo. I like the shape being a natural curve like the fingertip, pointy is scary, square is some kind of style that just isn't my preference. I don't think it matters much at all though, as long as they aren't exaggeratedly long.

    What kind of condition they're in is something I'd pay more attention to. As long as there isn't something wrong with them, they are nothing to concern yourself with, imo. I don't know about other guys, but I probably wouldn't really notice if you had a great manicure.

    Do however you like!


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  • Squoval. That is a word used to describe a nail length that is about 1/8" past the fingertip and has a squared-off shape but with the corners slightly rounded so they are not sharp. This shape will make just about any color look great on your nails, including french.

    Ideally, your nail end shape should mimic the shape of your cuticle so the nail looks somewhat balanced. Length has something to do with this though, since you could get by with squared off tips if your nails are longer.

    A real turn-off is the shape f the 50s, a sort-of pointy-round shape that make your nails look like claws. It looks dated and tacky, like someone glued cheap fake nails on.

    And forget short stubbly nails. Leave that for the guys. When I see women with really shrot nails wearing nail polish, I can;t help to think that they look like guy-nails with paint. Women's hands look best when their fingers look long and dramatic (feminie).

    For toenails, keep them just shy from the end of your toes and mostly squared off. Pointy toenails make you look like a hobbit.

  • I think girls with nails a couple centimeters past where the nail meets the skin looks fine. So a tiny bit of it hangs off.

    Here's a finger. The second line is where the nail meets the skin.

    The third line is where I think the nail could be and be okay. I'd rather the nails be shorter than longer though, longer nails are kind of creepy (IMO).

  • Flatish or curved on the ends are good, and about 1 to 4 mm or white nail is best. Clean nails that look healthy are important. Here are good examples

  • long nails wouldn't do it for me - there's just something un hygenic about them regardless how dressed up they are

    Don't like the feel of them either

    So - short - clean- and unbitten is the way to go

  • For me, Turn on longer yes, turn off short. medium length is very attractive. Too long is hooker or porn like. I like a tasteful in the middle length when the nail tip goes past the finger tip. Def love square shape. Pointy looks dangerous and not real elegant. French or pinks and reds are the sexiest. How are yours and what do they look like? Please do Share?


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