What do guys think about the rockabilly pin-up style on a girl?

just wondering :) like the hair old school pin-up style


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  • Do your thing! Having your own clothing style is fun and whatever you like you should work on perfecting it. I see it as an art kind of.

    I like the rockabilly look too and that's what 80% of my wardrobe looks like. everything. even my bathing suits lol I love the retro glamour. It compliments my curvy shape and I just like that look a lot. Most people give me compliments on it :)

    • I totaly agree! :D

      yea I love the rockabilly look ! its awesome!

      aww the bathingsuites must be really cute I bet :)

      i like doin the hair but its hard lol

    • Just practice, practice, practice. there are a lot of youtube tutorials to help you out with the hair and makeup looks. you'll be a pro in no time! :)

    • Haha yea youtube is like the only source I use

      it does help, thanx! :D

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  • Lol I asked a question bout this, having no knowledge of this..but in all seriousness a good looking girl who dresses in the rockabilly style is what dreams are made of. Its unique, retro, and I absolutely adore any girl that pulls it off and keeps the style alive. I'm not a fully blown out rockabilly but I rock a pomp and do my part to live the rockabilly lifestyle

    • oh you did? lol nice lol

      hell yea they are :D

      im not fully blown rockabetty

      eather but yea feel the same way with it

  • looks awesome! I don't know why but it just seems really attractive to me.

  • Example?

    • Kinda like this that 50 Style


    • Seems fine to me. Doesn't look weird or anything.

    • Oh alright then thanx! :)

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  • Not a guy, but I think it's awesome. :) I'm not very curvy so I can't pull the look off, but if you can, I'm really jealous! haha

    • Lol ha ha its all good :) I'm pretty sure many ppls can pull it off just have to make sure how you make it work :) if that makes any sence to my nonsecence lol

  • I've never had any complaints.

    • Dats good :) I don't know my mom just tells me it look bad lol

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    • lol your mom only says that to keep guys like me away..Rebels like Rockabilly gals and Mothers would rather see their daughters with upstanding good two shoes preppy guys than the guys with a rebelious charming side

    • haha omg your so right I agree ahhah thank you :)

  • very cute