Girls, Women who wear bikinis, how does it feel to wear bikinis?

So as a man, even at the pool/beach, I'm not dressed THAT revealing. Well it's a lot of skin, sure. I'm bare chested and my swimming trunks are mid-thigh length, just covering the important stuff and going down a bit so they're shorts and not a speedo.

But women in bikinis are dressed MUCH more revealing. The top isn't revealing, as men go bare chested, so anything is modest in comparison. But the bottom is just basically a panty in which hugs the ass and shows a bit of the butt cheeks. At least my shorts are mid-thigh. I imagine having your ass exposed in public like that must be SO awkward. Even if every other girl is dressed the same as you, it still must feel awkward.

So how does it feel overall?

I assume certainly not bad, as if it were that bad you wouldn't be wearing bikinis. Plus, there are several other options, like one pieces and shorts for example. Bikinis are not the default in which every girl is obligated to wear, you wear them if you want to.

But still... do you feel a bit awkward at first but then get used to it? Do you just not think about it and rock the bikini all the way? Do you feel awkward the whole time but still like how it looks? Where do you lie? The poll is there, but you DON'T HAVE to pick from the poll.

Also, as a bonus thing, answer if you want: how revealing are your bikinis? Do they have no legs but completely cover the butt cheeks? Are they regular bottoms in which show the butt cheeks a little but not too much? Or are they a thong?

Trivia: I choose the pictures I did for the poll because the first lady looks confident as fuck with her sunglasses and everything... the second lady is a plus-sized model, she felt a bit awkward at first due to society, but eventually grew to love wearing a bikini as well... the third lady, she feels awkward all the way as shown by her awkward bashful smile, but she still wears a bikini anyways.
  • Girls, Women who wear bikinis, how does it feel to wear bikinis?1) I don't think about it, and just rock my bikini all the way!
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  • Girls, Women who wear bikinis, how does it feel to wear bikinis?2) I feel awkward at first... but I deal with it and get used to it as my time at the pool/beach goes on!
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  • Girls, Women who wear bikinis, how does it feel to wear bikinis?3) I feel awkward all the way, really... but I like the way a bikini looks on me, so fuck it!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I actually don't like the feeling of too small/revealing bikini bottoms. I feel awkward and uncomfortable and I automatically reach down to adjust them all the time. But most bikinis come this way, and it's not easy finding one that covers as much as I would like it to. If you do find one, it's nearly always just plain black and I really wanted a colourful one or one with a cute pattern. Sigh.

    • Nice profile pic! Though I've never really bothered to check out Sailor Moon myself, she IS a classic, and an overall great manga/anime! Plus, she's super cute! :3

      Either ways, back to the main topic, I see what you mean. I imagine the male equivalent would be shorts that are too short and keep on riding up the thighs. It must be pretty frustrating!

      Plain black bikinis are awesome, by the way, in my opinion. But even then, you probably don't want to JUST have plain black bikinis. You want to have a lot of different colors and cute patterns, of course!

    • Thank you! Sailor Moon is my all time favorite anime :)
      And yes, it is frustrating! Black always works, sure, but I always prefer colour with everything. My current bikini (I only own one) is the perfect style and size, but it's plain black (of course). I would have loved it in red :)

    • Ah, yes, red bikinis are awesome too! Red bikinis look good on every woman regardless of their skin tone! Whether their skin is fair, slightly tanned, or dark brown... red goes with everything! And the color red just sort of gives off a "sexy" and "romantic" vibe.

      Black is my all time favorite color, to be honest... but red is amazing too! My favorite color for bikinis on women is black, and then it's a tie in between red and blue. White bikinis I don't like because they look too much like underwear, and I don't like bright yellow or orange either... but I've still seen women who can rock those colors, regardless.

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What Girls Said 5

  • I feel comfortable in them. I prefer the micro ones though, you know, with the stretchy thin fabric?

    Let me put it this way; I may be covered, but I feel more or less naked. It's no different to being painted. :)

  • When I buy a bikini, I buy the top and bottom separate because I always try my hardest to find a modest one. It needs to have a high neckline and cover my bum. I wear it around the house with the tag on to make sure it doesn't ride up. I swim to have fun, not to show off my body, so I will not sacrifice my fun time to awkwardness.

  • I feel naked in bikinis. I would only wear one around my husband. Otherwise it's one of his T-shirts and some shorts.

  • I don't feel anything

    • Well you must be used to wearing bikinis often, then.

  • Wouldn't know, never wore one

    • Not trying to be rude, but I thought the title made it pretty clear that this post was for women who DO wear bikinis...

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