Girls are hairy guys unattractive?

are hairy guys unattractive ?

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so you guys wouldn't date a hairy guy ?


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  • Well my bloke is kinda hairy but he's not like a gorilla or anything, more like a Manimal I guess, long hair, facial hair an general kind of man hair but I do like it. It is different strokes for different folks though. Some girls will like their guys like carpets an some would rather have their guys with little or nothing.


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  • i c hairy guys as a hair ball and a man grew out of it :P...but still lots and lots of girls c it so attractive...f your hairy come to the middle east girls here will die 4 ya :P

  • It depends where for me. Some spots could come off as manly-masculine and other spots can come off disgusting.

    Like, I honestly don't mind hairy legs and such but hairy arms and face are a no. Backs are also a go. It's really not an unchangeable problem. It's pretty simple to solve just by simply waxing and such.

  • Depends... I will find it attractive if you think that is really cool. I you are self conscious about it and you hate your own body I will find it unattractive. Positive, fun personality is always attractive to me.

  • kinda. I don't want a guy with 0 body hair, but I don't want too much cause then it looks messy


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