Why does he always smile when I talk to him or when he is talking to me?

I have been trying to talk to the guy I like more this year than I did last year. I have known him since kindergarten and we used to talk a lot but I don't know what happened. And last year he woulc talk to me more than I would talk to him, and in the seconds semester when we had no classes together we would just make eye contact and that was it. So this year I vowed to be braver and actually initiate a conversation with him. And I have noticed whenever he is talking he always smiles really big. LIke even if I don't say anything funny he is smiling. And he will do the thing where he makes eye contact wth them me then looks away. And one time I talked to him he kind of continued the conversation but the past two times he didn''t, he looked away. So I don't know what that's about, but I have caght him looking at me tons of times this week. So basically my question is, why does he always smile when I talk to him or when he is talking to me.

And is me talking to him giving him any sign I like him at all? (as well as making eye contact with him).


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  • It sounds like you two like each other. Ask him what he's up to this weekend. See what he says. If he says "nothing, what are you doing?" say something like, "well I was going to go out to see (enter name of movie here) with my cousin. but I just found out she can't go because she is sick. I really wanted to see it, but now I have no one to go with."

    If he doesn't get the clue, he is retarded. lol

    if he has plans then take note of what he is doing and ask him next week about it.

    • So you think it is a good sign? like that maybe he likes me kind of sign?

    • Yeah, but you will never know unless you try. don't put it off for too long because you are bound to get the same answer. Why deal with the anxiety? Just go up and ask... I mean even if he says "no" then at least you can move on. I had a crush on one girl once in middle school. I wrote her a letter. She laughed in my face, but at least I found out how she felt. I eventually moved on and now I'm stronger from my experience.

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