When it comes to beautiful vs. hot or sexy, do guys find a difference between them?

Do guys only call a girl hot if they only like the girl for her body? Or is calling a girl hot or sexy supposed to be the male version of beautiful? Should I be worried if my boyfriend pretty much always refers to me as hot or sexy, but only sometimes calls me beautiful? I'm trying to figure out which is a bigger compliment coming from a guy's point of view.


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  • I would say that hot or sexy is saying how your body or personality is, beautiful is more to do with your face and sometimes your hair

    I wouldn't say it is the male equivalent but don't fret as he probably doesn't think your not beautiful, if he says your beautiful tell him you like it when he says that snd wdo he will say it again, and say to him ''do you think I'm beautiful or sexy'' say he has to say one of them, and because the way you word it he'll more likely say beautiful and it will reinforce that idea into him


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  • to me, hot and sexy, are physical descriptions, but beautiful is the whole package: looks personality, style ,ect. to me there are a bunch of girls I find hot, but only three have I ever called beautiful.

  • saying that you're beautiful is for the most part saying you're really pretty. When I say that you are hot or sexy, that means you have a lot of sex appeal. They're both good though so there's no need to worry.

  • When we compliment a girl we haven't made love with yet, we use words like "cute", "beautiful", and "gorgeous." If a group of guys are hanging out, and one of them describes a girl as "cute", "beautiful," or "gorgeous," all the other guys are going to stare at him. They're wondering why he has a politically correct dildo stuck up his ass.

    95% of the time, all the words you mentioned mean the same thing. If you wanted to, he would gladly insert his member into your vajayjay.

    What is the greater compliment varies from man to man. Sexy and hot are my highest honors though.

  • Hot and sexy are the same though sexy is more personality based/body language.

    Beautiful - good looking but not sexually attractive

    don't know why but I've never considered a woman I was attracted to to be beautiful too.

  • Hot = I want your p**** on my mouth right now

    Beautiful = I like to admire your beauty in an artistic way, maybe fu.ck you later but not right away

  • Hot = I want to bang you.

    Sexy = you're pretty and captivating I want to be your toy boy boyfriend XD

    Beautiful = I want you to be my girlfriend and make sweet love to you under the stars because I might fall in love with you.

    But there are other words that are important too:

    Pretty = you are nice to look at

    Cute = pretty and beautiful and a little bit sexy

    Adorable/ other stuff like that = friend zoned but cute in some way

    Amazing = very beautiful and very pretty and somewhat sexy

    Perfect/ dream girl = very beautiful, very sexy, quite hot.

    But ti depends on the guy really


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