Pretty, handsome, rugged... Which is the more attractive male?

And do women's tastes change as they get older?

Without sounding vain I'm quite attractive. I always get stares when I'm on nights out, looks in the supermarket... but not as many as I used to!

When I was younger I was what you'd call a 'pretty boy'. I've both ears pierced (have done since I was about 11), dark hair and wouldn't leave the house without having it perfectly styled (I even used hairspray, took longer in the bathroom than my mum), styled/shaped short stubble on my face and moisturized. My style of clothing was always fashionable, eye catching, tight tops which showed off my work at the gym. I myself could see an almost feminine look to me, exceptionally well groomed... I was pretty but I was young and it suited me. I would ALWAYS get stares by the majority of girls and some women where-ever I went but as the years have gone on I've started to change. Even though I'm still young I look a lot older. Recently I've ditched the earrings, (something that was unthinkable) and as my facial hair's now thicker it's tedious work constantly trimming, shaving and styling it... I'm happy with short stubble all over my face. Also my taste in clothing has changed, I'd say 80-90% of my wardrobe is either black or dark colors... I've started to look more 'slick' and since my metamorphosis :) I've started to get less looks from girls... but a lot more from women 5-10 years older (something I'm quite liking ;) hahaha)

Do women's tastes change as they age or am I just coincidentally seeing more females who like this look? And what do women think of guys who are exceptionally well groomed... think young Justin Timberlake


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  • There are women for every look. Some like guys that look pretty, some want "manly" men. For instance, I'm more of a manly looking guy with my beard and buzzed hair (and if I have an unbuttoned collar it's obvious I have a lot of chest hair) and some women love that. On the other hand, one told me I look like Austin Powers once. She was clearly into the prettier, neater kind of guy.

    A lot of it is about age like you said. I've noticed younger girls/women prefer pretty guys, the Jonas Bros/Justin Bieber look. In the long run I think the number of women into a "handsome" guy maxes out around 40-50. You're young enough to have that youthful twinkle about you but you also have that manly experienced look as well as well-worn looks. That's why you see guys in their 40s and 50s with young girls still (besides the money...I've known guys that age who were happily with 25 year olds).

    My favored look for going out is the professional look with a blazer, button up shirt, etc like in my profile picture. If I hang out near a college I don't get looked at too much (well, at least at the University of Arizona here in Tucson, lol). When I go to a nicer restaurant or even a bar where there are people of all ages, I get a lot of looks. I'm sure your look is a lot more popular at the college just because those girls have a certain idea of what good looking is on a guy. No matter what (almost until old old age) it doesn't even really matter though since there's always a group of women that find that age/look attractive. Like I said before, guys basically get better looking and become more and more valuable overall to women up to 50 (and sometimes beyond).

    Overall, it's awesome to be a guy. If you're already halfway decent looking, all you have to do is not get too fat. And hey, some women like that too.


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  • This is the most attractive man to me;


    I guess he'd be described as pretty and handsome... =)

    • I can see where you're coming from but his face actually looks feminine?!?!

    • He just looks me. =)

    • Are you sure that's male? I'd swear it was a woman! And a really beautiful one at that too.

  • Intelligence is what is attractive to me, or a male who can appreciate intelligence. From your description I fear you don't fit into that category?

    • What gives that impression? You've got it all wrong, I'm actually quite smart :)

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    • To be honest I wasn't implying you were unintelligent, I was asking. Hence the question mark.

      I don't think I lack intelligence because of my hair colour, in future I will avoid making such remarks on this website. x

    • Ohhh you'll be making them again soon enough, you'll soon find out this site is full of arseholes, ignorant people who have no concept of manners, have nothing nice to say

      To be honest I wasn't suggesting you were daft because of your hair colour hence the smiley face (? :) ?)

      I'm a joker, I took no offence to what you said :) haha

  • It depend son the individual woman and her age group and what time period. There are as many answers to this question as there are women. I myself have a very specific taste. Pierced ears though sound like on the path on what -I- like.

    • So you're into the pretty boys? Well groomed etc?

    • I wouldn't say pretty boys necessarily but well groomed is appreciated. If Women are pressured to look good all the time, I feel men should look good, too. Women deserve decent looking mates just as much as men deserve decent looking mates.

    • What's the difference between well groomed and pretty? Having both ears pierced (which you said you like) is considered pretty?

  • personally I prefer the rugged look.i'm not a fan of the well groomed guys like young justin timberlake.i want my man to look like a man not a boy.but that's just me lol

  • A man that controls his temper, intelligence

  • all are hot.

    Justin Timberlake sucks

  • Does seriously change! Tests shown that a girl's interest changes depending on the time of the month. lol Sometimes a pretty guy is OK for the moment...other times they want a rugged man that can do the job.


What Guys Said 2

  • idk bro.

  • Men are NOT attractive in any way.

    • I am therefore you're wrong

    • Nope, I'm still right

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