Anyone of you here photoshop your photos/use filter?

A lot of influencers used an app which helps them make their waist thinner compared to how their waist looks like in real life. They’re insecure and love attention, followers mattered including the amount of likes they get. If they post a picture of themselves without filter and photoshop they will not get that many followers. I used filter because I don’t look good in photos without them. Filters helps to make you look more presentable and slightly more attractive. What I’m concern is that what influencers or Instagram models post on social will make young girls wish they have a body like them. And if working out doesn’t help them look like them, they might go for plastic surgery just to achieve that “ideal body” type. No ones waists look so small in real life, skinny girls usually don’t have big boobs unless they go for plastic surgeries. Boobs are mostly made out of fat, skinny girls don’t have lots of fats on their body. If it’s a slim girl with bigger boobs, there’s a chance it could either be natural or fake. No boobs can increase by two sizes in a month unless she does chest workouts (which helps increase boobs size), or if they are lazy they will go for plastic surgery. To be honest girls these days in my country are considering plastic surgery which is really sad. They wanna look like those Instagram models or their favourite k pop celebs. If only more people love their own bodies and their faces, the world will be a much better place.
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Also they can suck in their stomach to make it look flat, posing in certain ways to make their body look bomb af. And they usually take lots of pictures of themselves and finding the best one to post on Instagram. Lighting helps make them look better too
Anyone of you here photoshop your photos/use filter?
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