Guys and girl why did you start wearing thong underwear?

For girls I know many reasons why they do which I understand is they don't want panty lines so they go with thongs, but guys who do wear them too, why did you start? were you curious, was it a dare or prank, do you just like them?

for me is because I've always loved seeing a girl wear a thong, I find them sexy. I've been wearing them for years, I find them comfy and I like that some are very stretchy lol First time I remember seeing them was when I was around 5 on tv, during a rodeo women would come down in the coral, all of them wearing a cute black thong and they started dancing and stuff for the people watching, ever since then I wanted to try one on to see what it was like wearing one, just being curious I guess. I tried one on for the first time when I was 9 but took it off immediately, because I almost got caught. At 15 I would wear them but rarely only around the house never outside. When I was 19 I went to walmart to get more thongs for me but I got nervous and grabbed 2 pairs really fast, first time I wore it outside my house I was going to the store but the pair I got that day was too small and it was uncomfortable so I went back home to change lol I only wore a thong once to work all dat, other time I waited for everyone to leave and went to the locker room and slipped it on
Guys and girl why did you start wearing thong underwear?
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