Cute Vs. Hot Vs. Handsome.

I was reading comments on youtube of songs I like, and I read on one band, "The lead singer is a cutie" Or " The drummer is hot."

Now if girls have the same mindset as I do when it comes to a cute girl vs hot girl, then that I completely understand.

A cute person is someone who is attractive, a nice or decent body, nice smile, and all that good stuff. And is definitely a candidate for being a future girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband.

While a hot person is someone you look at and think, damn I would love to f*** her/him. But wouldn't actually pursue a relationship with them.

But my question is. How do a guy who is handsome differ than a guy who is cute, and how is a guy who is handsome differ from a guy who is hot?

The reason I am asking this is because some girls call me cute, very few call me hot, and some girls call me handsome. I know everyone has their own preference. But since I do sometimes get called all 3, and I like to think I understand the concept behind being called cute and hot. (please, please correct me if I'm wrong) But don't fully understand how being handsome compares with being called cute or hot.


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  • Haha, I pretty much just asked the same question for the same reasons. To me I guess, someone who is really cute or handsome has more potential than someone who is straight hot. Most guys who are hot are FULLY aware and tend to be (most times) man whores. Lol. I prefer a guy who is sexy as opposed to hot. Sexy, to me has a lot more to do with personality, mannerisms, a vibe or mysteriousness. I have met very few truly sexy men. Maybe 4 or 5. And handsome, that's kind of like Prince Charming. Fun to look at, respectful, intelligent. Hope I helped a little. I also think one guy can be all of these things to different women. Just depends on their chemistry I guess.


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  • How very odd. I distinguish between the types based on personality, not appearance. Basically, I'll see a person as good looking. If they do something funny/quirky - I'll think they are cute. If they are sophisticated/suave - I'll think they are handsome. If they do something that kinda turns me on - they'll be hot. I don't distinguish between the types in a way that indicates a preference as a potential partner, and the person can be more than one.

    Basically, I'd want a guy who is a mixture.

    • I can see exactly where you are coming from. I was just trying to base it off of looks because well... when you see someone who is attractive, you don't know their personality so it would be kind of hard to judge that. However, I agree with you. If someone I see who is physically just okay or ehh.. they can become cute, beautiful or hott, depending on what kind of person they are.

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    • hahaha yes "meshing" ha ha Chemistry sounds much better haha

  • cute!

    Cute is a person that is very nice, delicate, good looking, great personality. He can have a baby face :) !I actually think it's the opposite of hot.

    A hot guy looks older than his age lol...i think!

    • haha then by your definition I am by no means hot. haha.

      I put my profile one some site, saying and no I am not 15 years old. (because of my looks). and a girl responded saying, something along the lines of. You don't look 15 to me, you look 17 :). So I said straight up. Uhh... I'm 20...

    • haha trust me I understand! I'm 21 and people keep telling me that I look like I'm 17! But when they get to know me...they say that I'm so mature for a 21 year old girl lol!

      It doesn't p*ss me off anymore because I keep telling myself that one day I'll be 50 and people will think that I'm only 40 lol!

    • hahah exactly! It'll pay off when it counts :)

  • CUTE/SWEET = You did something nice/endearing; you look adorable like a puppy... You get the girl flowers, you're cute/sweet.

    HOT/SEXY = AKA "Your a** is SMOKIN'" = You've managed to turn the poor girl on. God help her -- and possibly you if you're not ready, lol. The drummer usually IS friggin' hot. Go figure...

    HANDSOME = You're well groomed and good looking. Attractive in a perfectly respectable way. Dressing up a notch or popping around just after you've showered and shaved might earn you a "Hey, handsome!" and a smile.

    Does that clear things up for you, Anonymous 18-24? If not, feel free to redirect, lol.

    • Yup, I completely forgot I even posted this until you and the person right under you commented on it today. I appreciate your input, and that's basically how I thought. Just put in better detail than what I put haha.

    • Glad to help, lol.

  • Cute is good looks plus personality.

    Hot is really good looks- regardless of what their personality is.

    Handsome is looks plus class.

    That's what I think, at least.

    • Haha, so if a guy has looks, class and personality. Does that make him handsomely cute?

    • I suppose so. Either that or an angel. (: lol

  • it goes kinda like this for me (I'm not sure about other girls):

    cute - I definitely think he's good looking, esp. in the face, he probably has a nice smile and laugh, his personality is attractive to me, and I really want to cuddle and hug him and have sex with him :P definitely boyfriend material

    hot - generally has an awesome body and his face is at least OK, but it's probably not as nice as cute's face (if they're different guys). really want to see him naked/ f*** him

    handsome - reserved for the best of the best (I use handsome sparingly and sometimes I use gorgeous), he probably fits in both hot and cute and his personality is really attractive (has more of what I'm looking for than just cute). I also use it in formal situations when he's very nicely groomed and probably wearing something fancy.

    I've noticed that girls use all three and lots of synonyms for these words (adorable, sexy, beautiful etc.) interchangeably when they really like a guy.

    • So basically in your eyes, a hot guy is someone who has one hell of a body but his face... it's okay. but could use some work.

      This is just me, I don't know about other guys, but being called gorgeous makes me feel too feminine. While handsome makes me feel more manly. Just some counter-feedback :)

  • Handsome > Cute.

    If I say a guy is cute, I'm just saying he's attractive. But if I say a guy is handsome, not only is he attractive, but he is also looks mature, strong, and put together. A lot of times, handsome guys are also very sexy in my opinion.

  • This is just me whenever I say a boy is handsome I could either mean 2 things 1 that he looks like a grown man or strong, or he looks really sharp/professional/nice, he looks really good possibly sexy. Or I could mean that he's ugly now but I know that in the future he's going to be very good-looking.

  • Well for me at least,

    Cute= Boyfriend material, because its simply the best balance

    Hot= I shall stare at him from a distance but shall not go near him because he is the most likely canidate to be a total douche.

    Handsome= Could go between cute or hot, sometimes just say it to a guy friend when he's blue. Not as serious as hot or cute, but very serious if yout in a relationship with the one who says it. Because then it means your both cute and hot.

  • To be handsome you have to have nice looks, class, and a be snappy dresser. James Bond is handsome, Micheal Cera is cute, and Gerard Butler is hot. I think. C:

  • These are all of the descriptions coming from me:

    Handsome: clean crisp clothes (like a button down, but with something cool like dark jeans and sanuks), some nice stubble but not growing down his neck, holds his head high, humble personality, and very gentle with women. :)

    Cute: a nice shaved face, a small face but with definable jaw bones, big light brown eyes, and a quirky personality. :)

    Hot: wavy black hair covering a little bit of his eyes, sports jacket and dress pants (more of the dressier clothing), dress shoes:))) (really turns me on, don't know why...), dark brown/black eyes, and dark thick eyebrows.

    That's just for me. I literally just thought of the word, and described the guy I saw. soo...yeah:)

    Handsome is a generous, kind spirited kind of guy who acts like a gentleman: holding doors open for people, letting them enter the room in front of you, etc...:)

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  • I get hit on by girls from age 20 to 40 and almost every time they open with "Hi handsome" or something close to it. Every single one wanted to crawl into bed with me as soon as possible.

    The very few that called me cute, that was pretty much the last I heard from them.

    The others that called me hot almost always were flakes or crazy.

    I'm starting to think handsome is the new hot or sexy because of a generational shift in word preference.

  • Cute is the better compliment, in my opinion. I've never been called hot, and that's fine by me.


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