Adorable/cute VS. Hot

Reccently a boy I'm kinda into has told me and other s that I'm adorible and cute, he has used the word hot once to me directly when he was smashed. Other than that anytime he talks about me to people (hes a friend of my bff bf, so only a select few of his friends know me) he will say that I'm adorible or cute.

I'm totally taking this the wrong way and thinking bad things so I want to straightened out lol

So I want to know boys what is the difference when you call a girl adorible or cute vs hot.


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  • hot = more sexual, less for relationship

    cute = likes your personality, could find you quite attractive.

    Nothing's set in stone though to be honest. He could be calling you cute because generally that's a safer option than hot to use. If he said you were hot people might start asking if he likes you, which he might not want.

    That could have been why he told he was drunk, it could have just that he's drunk though...

    It's hard to tell, but one thing I do know is that if you get called either it's a good thing. And it would put you closer to going out with him. I know a lot of guys that have used both phrases and often they want to or are going out with the girl they're talking about.

    Feel free to ask any questions.


    • Id love to know your opinion on the adorible thing? That kinda threw me off cause I honestly have never had a guy call me adorible before.

      He super touchy feeling with me and we do cuddle a bit but the present of alcohol is there. We only really see each other on outings with friends right now.

      We have hooked up when we were both drunk and since than he's told people I was adorible still. So its kinda confusing lol

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    • Aww same here :(, just try to have a positive outlook, you've gotten this far, you must have done something right =D

    • Haha I guess so eh. and its not the type of guy I usually go for so I'm hoping that's a good sign

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  • The words adorable and cute have much more value to me than the word hot. I would use the word adorable to describe a girl who I was falling for or I at least thought of her as a close friend. Cute means that the guy views you as attractive and sweet. Using the words cute and adorable add an emotional attraction.

    Lets just say I prefer "cute" and "adorable" girls much more than "hot" girls.

  • Whenever I call a girl cute or adorable, it means that I really like her. If I call her hot, it just seems sort of sexist, and I never have a chance with her, but I say adorable/cute because I want to give off the message "i like the way you look, and I care what you think about me."


    I like the girl, but it is hard to tell others for whatever reason, so I can use a less strong word

  • hes calling yu cutee and adorable be cause he likes yu he doesn't want to use you he wants to be with you. he doesn't say hott or sexy cuzz he probably thinks you woulnt like it. cuzz most of the time when you say a girls hott all yu think is...danm that girls hott id f*** her.. you don't think like ...danm that girls hot I wanna get to know her.

    hes being cute with you be cute back I tell my girl she cute adorable gorgeous and beautiful alll the time she loves it. I only say she's hott she asks me bout what she's wheres or if I'm horny or were f***ing.

    this kid likes you he's just unsure if like him back. he's trying to treat you good. show him you care about him and if you want him to say yu hott tell him I prefer hott over cute.

  • Honestly, it's not that different. Sometimes I use the words interchangeably. If he called you hot when he smashed, I'm pretty sure he thinks you're hot. Drunkenness tends to reveal a lot. Why he usually calls you cute is a bit of a mystery to me, but hot is the word I usually use when I talk about girls. Cute could be his preferred word. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Cute = relationship

    Hot = sex slave

    To be crude, in a generalization

    • Haha I don't find that crude at all! right to the point!

      what about the adorible he definately calls me that more than cute! I take that as like a little sister kind way..which is kinda weird cause weve hooked up.

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    • I totally agree with the compliment thing..when were together mostly drunk*we realy don't see each other other situation like it hasn't been advance yet lol* He very cuddle and affectionate and I totally eat the affect up and that's the setting he usually uses adorible in. Like it just seems odd to me to have him be oo your so adorible than kiss my neck lol.

      My bff said that after we first slept together, she was hanging out with him and a few people the next day and when it was brought up that

    • I stayed at his place, he said that he's not going to go into details but he had a good time and that he said I'm super adorible, it just seems weird in the contecxt

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  • Before my crush admitted that he likes me back, he would always say I'm cute and adorable. When he's drunk then I'm very hot , beautiful and sexy to I think if you want a relationship w him then you should be satisfly with being called cute. When boys are drunk, the girl that they like are always sexy and hot to them because they are sexually attract to her too. In the boy mind, hot mean I want you now and to have sex w you now.

    • I never said I wasnt sastified! not at all Adorible was just kinda weird cause I find it as a little sister kinda thing so it just seemed outta place.

      Plus my closest guy friend always calls girls cute if he doesn't want to date them and someone asks him about them. So he definately put some worry in my head.

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    • I think you guys need to sit down and talk to each other about where do both of you want this relationship head to . He clearly adore and seems to care about you. Everything you said about him seem to point that he have more feeling toward you than friendship. what type of guys he is? Is he shy? He might afraid to say anything to you because you might reject him.

    • Ive only known him since november so from what I've seen he seems kinda shy, and a little self concious and talking to people he's not very experienced with dating. I'm kinda worried to talk things to far cause before anything like this even happened with us in a conversation we had he said that he's doesn't feel like he's a position right now that he wants anything to go furthere with a girl, none specifically we were just talking in general.

  • adorable and cute are better