Cute vs. Sexy

What makes anyone more cute or sexy? What specific characteristics?


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  • to me the characteristics of cute vs. sexy lies in the look, because if a girl "looks" at you with those come hither eyes you wanna hit it, and another girl gives you a innocent look you say man she's cute as sh*t, but to me it's all in the look she gives, because regardless of how she looks the "look" she gives off determines if she's cute or sexy, because sexy could mean adrianna lima and cute means carrie underwood (both are for example), but each of them change the look they give you and you think the sexy girl is cute and the cute girl is sexy so for me it's up in the air. I'm the rare guy that likes a blend of both.


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  • It's all in the face when it comes to cute and sexy. Both are good don't get me wrong, but cute is like the girl next door, she has a pretty face, just looks so cute, you would be surprised on how many guys would go for a girl who's is cute rather then sexy. Now when a girl is sexy, you look at her and go damn I wanna hit that.

    Let me break this down for in terms of celebrities, Jennifer Love Hewitt is cute, you look at her go she is just so cute, she's the type to take home to mom. Now sexy would be Megan Fox, you look at her and go holy crap she is sexy, damn I wanna hit that and tell all my friends about it. She is not exactly the girl to take home to mom though, just a really hot chick that every guy wants to have sex with.

    • I see the logic in this, but it's just awful. Why wouldn't you want to take Megan Fox home? Why can't a girl you want to have sex with be a girl you like spending time with as well?

    • That is how men think when we see a chick, it's either I would want to rail her and then possibly get into a relationship, or its damn I want to rail her and tell my friends about it. Perfect example is when guys go I'd hit it.

  • to me this is a simple matter of drawing a line:

    this line goes straight across the neck, now if a girl uses what is about the line and has a cute( ie. not a lot of make-up, innocent smile, soft eyes ect) then she's cute to me

    on the other hand, if she uses what's below the line (ie the obvious) then she's sexy

    me personally I prefer a cute girl over a sexy one any day

    dont know if this helps but, maybe it can be a start haha

    • But then when you like a cute girl doesn't she become sexy in your eyes because you like her?

    • Thats a good question, a cute girl to me is always a cute girl, and yes she can become sexy but that's not her dominating feature. I wouldn't go grouping her with the girls in the other category because I like her though :)

  • Cute: attractive, esp. in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty

    Sexy: sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality


    lol, yeah Cute sort of means pretty, which then means she is attractive.

    But sexy is going the next step and saying she is sexually attractive, like you'd have sex with them. Cute doesn't mean not do-able, but sexy means do-able.

  • I got to confess!I LOVE CUTE GIRLS!

    For me it's cute over sexy,but sexy can be hard hiting at times.

    I once in a while see a girl who is,so sexy to me and she is not the type I normally go for,but she would emit this level of sexiness that I just wanted to have sex with her so bad...but at times it would then just fade before even I make my move.

    That's why I truly perfer cute over sexy and cute girls can be sexy too,so one can get both.


  • i think cute is given to the innocent, and I think sexy is given to the experienced


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  • SEXY: Sexy catches your eye immediately. Sexy girls know they are sexy and are more daring when it comes to approaching a guy. She is probably showing some cleavage or leg and is wearing clothes that flaunt her figure.

    CUTE: You might start talking to a girl and think, hey, she's pretty cute. The features on the cute girl are not as striking, but make her more of an innocent girl, more natural beauty. She is usually wearing clothes that are a bit more conservative than a girl who is sexy.

  • I see cute as having childish/babyish features like a cute babyface or something. Also if someone does something sweet or is really innocent I think that's cute. I think of someone eas sexy when I look at them and think wow I wanna have sex with him lol. Or if a girl is sexy I think she looks really gorgeous and is wearing sexy clothes.

  • depends if she's faking the cutness, or trying or hard to be sexy,

    some guy's like the cute spoiled girls, and some hate them..

    some guy's love the girls who are crazy and sexy

    so depends

  • the way a girl wear makes her either cute or sexy, but maybe a girl is cute and sexy.

    like she ha got baby face and a cute smile and so, but still she has an hourglass body, she is free to wear whatever she wants that shows parts of her body then she will still looks sexy and she is cute at the same time.

    but if a girl is just cute because of her face features and so then this is cute.

    if she just got that hot body and that catwalk and so on this is what I call sexy.

    but cute is more girlishly and more likely to be loved by guys because she looks more innocent and more clear and direct, she seems like she wouldn't be hard to deal with or so.

  • cute=bubbly, fun, outgoing, giggly, girly

    sexy=someone you want to hit the hay with, hot, guys turn into animals if they see you, that sort of stuff.