Difference between cute, pretty, hot, etc.?

Guys always seem to say at least one of these things to a girl

cute, pretty, sexy, hot, or beautiful

It seems that there is a ranking with these words as far as girls which is somewhat unfair in my opinion. A girl will be cute to a guy but he won't go out with her because he would pay attention to the hot one. I'm not saying this about all guys because of course each guy is different, but it seems that it is true for most of them. Cute is at the bottom of hte list here and beautiful or sexy is at the top. But if a girl is attractive either way then why must there be a comparison? How will the "cute" girls survive against the hot ones? Now this can be true for girls too,that we compare boys, but, is their any hope for the girls who are just cute?


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  • In my experience, guys were always with the cute girls. The hot ones and what not had some sort of defunct quality (not just physically). The hot, beautiful, etc. girls were nice to look at, but the cute ones won their hearts.


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  • Finishing cute for you.

    Some things a cute girl would do or wear maybe.


    Belt maybe.

    Cute tops with a bit more elegence than a hot girl. A hot girl is just going for more of a jaw droping stare, where as the cute gurls look would be more elegent with a little more attention to detail.

    Smell really good but not overpowering. Both would do this I'm sure. Although the cute girls sent would be a tad more soothing, or mellow, whereas the hot girl is going for a more rip my cloths off type of smell.

    A little shorter hair most often times. Sholder length etc. not sholder blade length.

    May have a little more weight, but still pretty perfectly well rounded meaning isn't like 6ft tall and 90 lbs the weight and height would most likely be in check with one another. ALthough may have a few more pounds than a Hot girl, as typically the hot girls thighs are a little leaner than a cute girl. Although this isn't always true.

    Very sweet and sensitive personality wise. Caring, worries about hurting others feelings more than a hot girl. Hot girls typically have a lot less sense of how they are affecting others, or less care.

    Makes a Awsome freind, or peson to have as a sholder, also makes a great team player in a realationship, is more "OPEN" minded whereas hot is more self oriented.

    Pesonality does play a part.

    Eye color, blue, grey, green, hazel's. Mellow or sweet colors, brown may also fall into this catagory.

    Doesn't have to wear the blood restricting denim's. Sometimes chooses not to.

    Wears hoodies, hoodies are an extreme for the word cute. The definitely make cute cute.


    This is also a HIGH end compliment, as are the other two catagories. Pretty is Equally as good as well, although is the most dangerous to a guy. Pretty means your hot and Cute. Your both or a mixture of the two.

    It means you stun, shock and awe him. That he adores you because your Beautiful, he thinks you could proably take photo set's for maxim. Your so stunning he has to look twice to beleive how "Pretty" you really are.

    A pretty girl might look something like this:

    Very Elegent

    Very clean and tiddy

    Wavy hair that just for somereason although it wouldn't work on most girls it does on this one.

    More elegent attire, like perhaps a dress etc.

    Lack of achne

    Very Prenounced figure. Meaning one area of her might Stand right out. "Not just her breasts" More like her slender figure, or oblonged type of shape.

    Any girl can be pretty if she suits herself in the proper attire most often times. Some may be prettier than others. Although this is life. Not all of us are supermodels.

    Typically when I think of pretty, I think of Vanity Fair type cover shots. Where the girls hair is blowing in the wind so pleasently and beutifully and she is in some Very Elegent dress or attire.

    I hope this was of help to you and many other girls.

    Now you see, unless we call you ugly, I don't think you have much to fret about.

  • Well there is a ranking structure if that's how you wanted to look at it (Yes.)

    Although it is not a "Ranking" structure of how "You" may perceive it.

    The only way I can think to explain this is to break this down.

    These distinguishing traits differ from "Guy" to "Guy" keep this in mind when reading my personal thoughts to answer "Your" question as best as "I" can being "One" guy.

    Hot~ For me this depends on a multitude of things. From maybe what she is wearing, her body structure, stature, elegence, to her attitude.

    Hot for me would be. A girl with the perfect weight to height Ratio. Not too short, not too tall, not overweight, not underweight, Just right. Hair color for me would make a difference maybe, depending what looked better on that particular female. Some girls are just not blonde's. Then again some look better as a blonde. A little taller than average maybe, slightly most times if the girl is a little taller for some reason she comes off as hotter. Why I have no idea. I'm talking slightly taller than normal. Although average heighted girls can be HOT as well. Depends on her grooming, straight hair is hotter most times than curly hair. Clothing can make a big difference. Not too much makeup, light doses, not having to wear it at all and still look great is a big sign. I will often give a hot girl that complement that they don't need to wear it, as they look more than FINE without it. Clean clear skin, that almost radiates happiness. This goes with positive mode and attitude. A girl can look hot in many cloths. Although like a lot of other guy's I'm sure. I like mine in some nice snug denim jeans, with a tee, maybe a belt etc like the ones with the holes on over the other, those are hot. and if she has a belly, maybe a belly button ring, or belly shirt. Although a girl can still look hot without showing her tummy. It isn't a have to do thing these days. I find myself being attracted just as equally to girls that don't wear the highshcool belly t's. I think maybe it's because it leaves more for me, and others to wonder ;).

    Cute~ A cute girl is equally as dateable, and equally as show off able as any hot girl. They rank EQUALLY! This isn't girl world where one is better than the next. It is guy termonolgy for a different kind of beauty. Meaning your Still Equally as striking to us, we still want you just as much if not maybe more! Cute is adorable, it is an innocent kind of beauty to us. We will charish you equally, if not more at times.

    Some things that are cute in a girl if she is cute.

    Freckles, certain hair styles, wordrobes, short girls typically fall in this catagory because they are just little and innocent, the word innocent is very important when it comes to looking cute. A cute girl will typically have denim on as well with a cute little top typically something written that isn't offensive to the other sex, They will wear makeup most times, although don't need it either.

  • well I have my own defintions but--

    cute - not sure, I've never used the word cute to describe anything other than small children or animals.

    pretty talks specifically about the face. it doesn't speak about the body.

    hot implies sexy body

    beatiful means attractive in a way that's less like a playboy centerfold and more like youd imagine a princess to be like. feminine, elegant, and jaw droppingly gorgeous, but without necessarily turning you on, unless she wants to.

  • To me it goes like this,

    A hot girl is a girl you want to have sex with then never see again,

    A pretty girl is a girl that is attractive and you want to stick around to get to know her personality,

    A cute girl has something about her that really attracts your attention (not necessarily her looks), but something that actually makes a guy not think about sex.

    A beautiful girl is pretty, cute, and has some sort of twinkle in her eye that makes a man feel overwhelmed with attraction. She just has a look on her face that makes you want to stare, it's almost like looking at a starry night sky, or a rainbow.

    Note: Horny men will call you all of the above to get in your pants, they won't necessarily mean any of my descriptions.

    Second note: is a serious man (not just horny) calls you beautiful, you pretty much own him, you can manipulate him, be careful with his heart though.

  • I'm gonna have to chime in and say there is a ranking, at least for me:

    Cute= Above average-looking, but non-intimidating.

    Hot= Very attractive; intimidating.

    Both of the above categories take both face and body into account. "Pretty" on the other hand, is a purely facial description. A girl can be both "pretty" and any one of the above three. She can also have a great body but just an OK face; in this case she'd be "cute" or "hot" but not "pretty."

    I have a roommate who says he prefers cute girls over hot girls, but will date both; I prefer hot girls over cute girls, but will also date both.

    • Yep I think you hit the nail on the head! hot/sexy is more about body, beautiful is classical good looks like cindy crawford or somebody like that whereas anne hathaway would be pretty or attractive because she has a nice face and ok body. girls can suss out what will appeal to guys too lol

    • Anne hathaway to me is not attractive

  • In my personal opinion, a cute girl is better relationship material, and are normally more fun to be around.

  • cute is like just average, it's a c+, pretty good, genuine real personmaybe around 12-14 years old, then

    hot is like b+ 14-17 years old, nice body, charm ect. then hot 17-40, where guys go

    all crazy and only care about doing it wit them, which isn't fair. but if your true to yourself and everyone around you, there's hope.

  • i would say

    1.beautiful someone you can spend your life with

    2.cute dating

    3.hot 1 night stand

  • Here's my thoughts on how cute, pretty, sexy, hot, and beautiful differ.

    Cute means that there is something alluring about the woman that puts her above others. This means you probably want to get to know her, and see what it is. This might just lead to a friendship, but could also lead to dating depending on the situation. It's more or less a vague interest in a woman. If you call her cute, you want to get to know her better.

    Pretty is based purely on her facial features. If you like the way she does her makeup, or think that she looks really good without makeup, you may call her pretty.

    Sexy refers to the clothes. Usually, it means that the clothes are slightly revealing, showing off a little more skin than casual wear. AT the same time, the clothes aren't too revealing and showing too much, as that comes across as skanky. Sexy shows that the woman knows how to dress provocatively while still maintaining a sense of professionalism about it.

    Hot refers to the body shape and how she fills out her clothes. Hot women are "full figured". Most men think "Pamela Anderson" when they think of hot women. These are usually the women that guys want to have sex with, but that's about it.

    Beautiful women are similar to cute women in a way, although this is usually used to describe the woman you're dating. It has nothing to do with their outward appearance, but rather something deeper than that. It could be their personality, or maybe that sparkle in their eyes. Some little quirk that makes them different and special to you. This is usually a term used to express that you feel content in your relationship with her.

  • they all mean you are attractive but alpine stars really nailed this one

  • cute=looks good enough to date

    hot=hot enough to f***

    sexy=hot enough to dream about

    pretty/beautiful=pretty enough to bring home ot the parents


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  • cute means he thinks you're adorable. hot means you have sex appeal and he wants you in that way. pretty is just saying you're beautiful.

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