What does it mean when a guy says your "not bad" or "cute"?

Like if a guy says your hot, it def means he wants you sexually. but what does it mean when he says your pretty, or if he says your not bad looking, or cute?


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  • First of all, I have told a girl that I wasn't even the slightest bit sexually attracted to that she was hot. She is very hot looking. I have never been attracted to her. (Mainly due to her attitude and her push to "be green.") I wouldn't ever do anything with her. We are work friends, nothing more.

    And to be perfectly honest, when I tell a girl she's hot, I generally don't want\expect anything. When I say a girl is cute that, for me means she's exactly what I look for.

    Every guy is different but for me, if I call a girl cute, I mean "I like the way you look and act and would very much like the opportunity to get to know you better." A pretty girl is just a pretty girl. A hot girl CAN be someone I would like to jump but generally there's no relationship there for me. Cute is better than hot.

    Think about the guy you're talking about. Is he smart or er... not? A jock will have completely different answers to me. (But to me, jocks only focus on looks and how many girls they can have sex with. Not a relationship. In that case, generally anything that comes out of their mouth that isn't negative towards a girl means, I'd have sex with you if you let me. But that's just my opinion.)


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  • If the guy is flirting with you then any of those qualify


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  • it means he thinks you're attractive. there really isn't a hidden meaning behind the word


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