What does it mean when a guy says you are "cute" ?

I don't know to take as compliment or insult...

I never been told I was "cute" till now; only hot or gorgeous etc.

I always thought there are levels to beauty... cute being least?

Maybe I am getting older and do not look as good? or maybe I just have no clue! lol

Also- just so everyone know-

I never give guys reason to think I am interested in them. I am very shy. SO there is no need for them to ever say any remark on "how I look" or "how I am "
Please no dumb and thoughtless responses like "it means he thinks your cute" Duh! I am asking what it means!


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  • It's a compliment. I seriously doubt guys have the same grading scale you do for what each comment means. Mainly it means they find you attractive and want you to respond to them. Personally I think "hot" is way overused and not necessarily the kind of look that attracts sincere guys that would be interested in you as a girlfriend, but that is just me.

    • I never thought of it like that. I do not want to attract the wrong men anyway. Thank you for the insight!

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  • It's rediculous to think guys need a reason from you before they'll start hitting on you... we simply can't help ourselves. It's your job to either ignore us, flirt back, or tell us to leave you alone.

    Secondly, you should assume everything is a compliment - otherwise you'll spend your life caring what other people think of you, and that's a waste of energy. If you like the compliments, then you'll hate the insults. But if you're complete, secure, mature, and powerful, you'll find out that it's not that hard to ignore the praise and insults of those around you. And they'll love you for it.

    So stop worrying about how old you are now (Over the age of 21? Then you're well over the hill and should start planning your funeral) or whether a guy thinks you're cute or hideous... and start caring if you're got enough saved up for retirement.

    With hugs,

    ~ Robby

    My blog ( Full of Hate and Ready to Date: link )

    • Thanks for your answer. I have a problem though- my problem is looks are my life and what I have always defined myself as. Sad- I know. I wish I was not like this and that I didn't care but I sometimes feel like that is all anyone likes me for

    • I can relate. I'm also beautiful. Beautifully fat.

      It sounds like you're definitely young enough to grow past this mindset (the negative mindset that you're only as good as your looks.)

      This simply means finding strong passionate female role models who exude strength, security, power, courage, and brilliance. Let them inspire you and you'll mature nicely. :D

  • For some people, cute is a specific kind of good looking. For me personally it tends to mean a smaller sized, pixie-ish girl, or someone with particularly carefree or youthful facial features. I'd probably also feel more protective over a cute girl than a hot girl. A shy librarian type girl could be cute, a beach blonde could be hot. Both are good things and I would not necessarily say either one is better than the other. I think you should be flattered. :) Either way I definitely don't think it means older. If anything, cute is for younger girls. ;)

  • It means he thinks you're cute. It may or may not be a come-on, depending on the situation. Depending on the situation, it could even mean he doesn't like you in that way: like, you're "cute," but he's looking for someone "hot." So it really depends on how and why he said it and to whom.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey

    • Why would a guy bother mentioning ant type of remark on your physicality if he was not interested? why not never say anything?

  • he probably means you are cute but you are not good enough for me... maybe you shouldnt let it bother you!

    • But why ever mention I am cute in first place out of no where!!! especially if I never say anything to make them think they would have to say something to make me back off?


    are you serious?

    he was complimenting your appearance... be happy.

    i promise you that its not a bad thing.

  • I'd take it as a compliment. When I talk to my friends about an attractive girl I saw, I frequently refer to them as "cute," among other things. If I were going to compliment directly like that, I would use 'beautiful' or 'pretty', but not every guy is the same.

    Don't worry, being cute is a good thing =)


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  • I know exactly how you feel except for unlike you I've been cute for 21 years, never hot or gorgeous. I've always been told cute is a good thing and a compliment but it really comes across more like, "You're cute but I'd rather have the hot girl over there," it's like being second best.

  • Well, cute is kind of for guys who are too scared to say "hot" or "gorgeous" or don't want to come off as a horn dog, so "cute" is the safe option.