Pale lips, do men find them hot or not?

i guess men would see pale lips as a turn off and wouldn't like kissing them , we look better with lipstick ,but not a bright one ofcourse ,but I always want to try the smokey eyes and pale lips make up


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  • No offense. I am not an individual that has a keen knowledge on makeup and skin shades, but I will give you my opinion. If I really like a girl that has pale lips and I want to kiss her then I will kiss her passionately without any regards on how her lips look. After all, the best makeup for lips is chap stick. It makes a person's lips smooth and shiny. So pale lips are not a turn off in my opinion. I feel it's okay to use makeup to compliment your beautiful features of your face, but don't let the makeup become the beautiful features of your face. I hope my opinion helps your case study and good luck with your make up journey!

    • thanks for answering ^^ ..btw I don't like a lot of make up but I always look pale that's why I ll try a bit of it

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What Guys Said 3

  • I like pale lips because deeply colored lips look disgusting and I hate girls with clown make-up on their face. You know those celebrities that have super red lips when they go for interviews and stuff? Looks absolutely trashy and disgusting.

    Healthy natural lips are my favorite.

  • Hawt

    • really ! why hot ?

    • I don't know my weeny says so. No really, it's mysterious to me. It's different and I like exploring things different, for hours sometimes *wink, wink*

    • oh yeah you are cool guy ;) ;)

  • I'll go with turn on.

    • why a turn on ?

    • I don't know. I googled it and they look good. The first thing I thought of was no red lipstick! lol

    • haha yeah it looks terrible I know

What Girls Said 1

  • Naturals fine. I absolutely hate those girls who wear foundation on their dries and looks so gross.

    • yea looks scary right , but if the natural lips are a bit pale lol

    • Yeah then it's cute :) bit of colours nice too. I find pale lips attractive. I remember back in high school as the girls used to put foundation on their lips and it was shocking, pale lip glosses are better :)

    • sure though it will be a problem with small lips lol

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