Hair extensions on short girls? yay or nay?

I have never had hair extensions before. My hair is abt 2 inches passed my shoulders right now & I'm close to being 5 ft tall haha. A bit shorter maybe, if not exactly 5 feet. Anyways, I was on google just trying to find out more abt hair extensions. a lot of people get the 18 inch ones. BUT I was thinking...if I were to get 18 inch long hair extensions would I look rediculous? I definitely don't want to look like Cousin Itt from the adams family haha:P Would 14 Inch look better? 16 Inch? Any answers will do...thanks!


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  • No. Hair extensions on anyone are a no...

    Especially on a short person. You'll look like a midget. . .

  • If you're not 5 feet then don't outdo yourself.. I'm 5'4" and I have 18" extensions friend who's 5'2" has her hair grown out to around 18" as well but sometimes I think the the length may be tooooo long.. I mean, her hair is pretty but you know when something looks a little.. Overdone or not right? I think 16" would be perfect, but if you're not too confident, go with 14" and see how that goes but make sure you get a lot so it looks like layered hair that's pretty, and not obvious and awkward extensions :D hope that helps.

    • Well I'm probably gonna get the 16" ones lol. I don't wanna look rediculous:P Where did you get your extensions at? & how much were they?

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    • :0 I Just went to sallys and theyre like 60 bucks...AND I would still have to buy the hair clips -_- two bucks for like 2 or 3 clips.

    • Lol I guess I got really Lucky... But the bad thing is that since I only saw it online, the color doesn't completely fully match my hair but I already kinda dyed my hair and got highlights as well so I just say it's highlighted hair XDD

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