Guys, how revealing do clothes have to be for you to think they're "slutty"?

My objective here is to NOT look slutty, not to look slutty.

I'm asking this because on another question like this some guy said "I've never met a brainy/smart girl who dresses slutty". What is your definition of slutty? Because I'm definitely a "brainy" girl.

I don't think I dress slutty, but sometimes my mom or my boyfriend (he's jealous, but that's another story) will tell me that my outfit's too revealing.

I do show some cleavage sometimes, but I don't think it's extreme. Anyway I have B cups, so it can't be that bad haha. And I don't wear low-cut tops with short bottoms, I try to balance it out. I do wear yoga pants sometimes, but I don't really see the difference between them and skinny jeans.

Does a girl's body have anything to do with how slutty she looks? Like, if she has a really good body, she looks more slutty than someone who's wearing the same thing but has a boyish figure or is overweight?

Thanks! :)


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  • I think dressing in a slutty manner is all relative. When I'm wearing yoga pants and a V-neck next to my friend who is wearing a turtleneck and slacks, I'm going to look more slutty. However, if I'm with my sister, who wears too-small low cut tops and mini skirts all the time, then I'm going to look fairly normal.

    Also, I was told my lower cut shirts (which really aren't all that low cut) are too revealing when I was an A cup and when I was a C cup, so any peek of the girls is apparently slutty.


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  • the rule is this:




    pick one you want to show off and cover the rest. when it's hot enough outside to necessitate wearing shorts/skirts almost everyday (like in the summer), you can get away with two, but never all three.

    but truthfully speaking these are more or less just guidelines. dress the way you want, that suits your personality, and you'll be able to pull it off as long as it's natural to you. being slutty is more in how you act and carry yourself than the way you dress.

  • If you were brainy you'd have stopped worrying about being a slut by now ;)

    • ha...good one. Maybe it's because I'm brainy that I'm even considering this? I could just let it go, ya know, and not even consider that there could be a problem.

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    • Ah, got it. But regardless of whether or not you think it's long-winded, here you are doing it. haha.

      Sure, I think I do what I want most of the time. But we all have to interact with people in this world, so at some point we have to put ourselves in their shoes and think about the impression we make.

    • Well, permit me to disagree ;)

  • Slutty is behavior, IMO, not dress. If it's very revealing and she doesn't act the part, then she's a tease, not a slut.

    • so...if a girl dresses in a revealing way, but acts classy, she's a tease? is that better than a slut, in your opinion? because it seems like you're saying both are bad.

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    • I wouldn't go so far as to say that, that's almost like saying that a woman is responsible for an assault based on how she's dressed. I mostly couched it in those terms to illustrate the point that being a slut is an ACTION. I suppose I must concede that being a TEASE is an action as well.

    • alright, fair enough. thanks.

  • If you don't have much boob you can wear low cut shirts. If you are well endowed, don't do it- because guys tend to think, the bigger the t*ts the smaller the brain. Sad, isn't it?

  • bigger the boobs the bigger the more you should cover because that means you're better up top then on the bottom. if you're smaller on the top..then that means you should cover up on the bottom..for the same reason...

    everything in moderation

  • Being slutty is not the way you dress yourself but the way you act. You can be a slut and not wearing anything revealing.

  • Leave room for the imagination. :)


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  • YES. I have big boobs, a big butt, and a big difference between my waist and hips. My midsection is very small compared to my curves. And I am thin not overweight. And clothes DEFINITELY look different on me than they would on some people. In fact my body isn't one uniform clothing size.

    Here's some things that happen to me:

    A lot of dresses will either be too tight in the boobs that I can't zip them, and then when I have to go 1 or even 2 sizes up just for my boobs, it will be ridiculously big and just hang over the rest of my body like a bag.

    When I buy pencil skirts for work, a lot of times there will be a lot of extra room in the waist but it will be borderline too tight in the butt

    Similar issue to skirts with some pairs of jeans

    Button downs won't close by the boobs unless I go 2 sizes up.

    And things that aren't that low cut on most people will look slutty on me, because I have a lot of cleavage. And certain skirts or pants will look sluttier on me because I have a big butt and fuller thighs. I think that most pairs of shorts look too trashy on me, so I avoid them. Same with minis.Yet on some girls, tank tops and a pair of shorts does not look slutty at all.

    I'm not trying to show off or anything. In fact, finding clothing is often very difficult. I don't like to look trashy but a lot of clothes are very borderline looking on me. Even wearing a skirt tucked into a blouse may emphasize my curves too much sometimes, unless they are both loose.


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