Is Northface concidered "ghetto", even though its expensive?

I bought a jacket at northface (its not the fleece one the preps wear but its similar.) I showed my friend and she said it looked "ghetto". It is black, short. and has kind of a water resistant outside. Was she right or was she just being weird?


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  • A "ghetto" jacket to me are the short black bombers one with the fur hoods lol the ones a lot of gangsters wear, I am definitely guilty of having owned one back in junior high. I think everyone has had one before. She could just be jealous because northface is pretty expensive and she might just be envious.

    • What do you mean "bomber"?

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    • Haha oh...well I'm a city girl lol and the gangster jacket look is very common and I think your jacket definitely sounds okay especially since it doesn't have fur. Forget your friend, if you like your jacket wear it, trust me. I know from experience that even friends get jealous and then they try to put you down about things like jackets, clothes and your habits to make themselves feel better.

    • Thank you =)

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  • The North Face markets their products to give off an "urban" appeal.

    So it's open to interpretation.

    • So even if it looked a teeny bit ghetto (which I can't figure out if it does) , I am a 5'1 blonde girl so people would interpret it as preppy because of the way I look? I just don't want to look like I'm trying to be ghetto or anything like that... haha

    • Depends on who you're around.

      Different people interpret it differently.

      My Friend, who is also blonde, wanted to buy some tall chocolate uggs,

      but her boyfriend said they're "for black girls".

      To him, no matter who wears them, they're associated with a certain demographic.

      In the same way, to some people, any jacket with a windbreaking, exterior and fur around the collar or hood is a "ghetto" Jacket.

      They don't look "ghetto" to me, but I'm sure they might to a lot of people.

    • Thanks for the input! =)

  • Well price doesn't have everything to do with it. There are $75 ed hardy t shirts, and something that looks just the same for like 10 from south pole. I would consider both ghetto because of how they look, not even thinking about price.

    I personally wear north face jackets some times, and if I wore some really bad jeans, and a t-shirt that doesn't work with anything else, I would definitely look weird, and ghetto might be what someone thinks. Your friend could have said it looks ghetto because of what else you were wearing with it. Everything else could have been really expensive and made the jacket look ghetto, or everything was really not as good. OR maybe compared to what you or others usually wear the jacket would seem ghetto.

    its more of a personal opinion that a person would have on what looks ghetto or preppy or whatnot. if you are seeing other people wearing jackets similar, then I am sure where you are living and going to school yours will work just fine.

  • Are Beats Headphones Ghettos? Are Jordans Ghettos? Are North Face Jackets/Coats Ghetto? The answer to this is a Big YES! All of the above is "expensive" but that doesn't stop the Ghetto people from getting them. Being expensive doesn't remove the Ghetto association it has earned. If you go to any city, take Chicago or the "hoods" from NYC, you will see more North Face logos than you would in your normal day life. And who is wearing these? No more than the Ghetto people, they wear North Face backpack, jackets, even beanis. North Face jackets is the Jordans of Jackets for the Ghetto. Don't believe me? Just visit the "Hood" in NYC, Chicago, or Jersey. Want something non-Ghetto, buy something made out of Wool/Cashmere, preferably of good quality.

  • typical high school fashion statement...its just a fad, be yourself and have your own style. I swear if I see one more girl with that black half zip northface I'm gonna f***in SCREAM! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Mine is a different style than that one, I did that on purpose lol.

    • That's good, thank god. :)

  • Trashy as hell. NorthFace is worn by trashy people so insecure they're willing to overpay $50+ just to try to fit in. Fail!


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  • North Face is the exact opposite of ghetto. I went to the preppiest high school and college ever and everyone I know rocks the North Face jackets.

    • ... throws rocks? lol

    • Haha, no you know what I mean, everyone wears North Face.

    • O! lol I read it too quickly... pretend I didn't say that.

  • in my opinion I'm a gal that wouldn't lie to you. The northface use to be really CLASSY and nice. Although it's still made well, it has become ghetto. I say this because I see more and more trashy people where I live wearing it. A friend said she is seing people down at the welfare office where she works wearing TNF. I recieved my 1st NF (Denali) for Christmas of 2007 before it became this huge "fad" a lot of rappers are rapping about it so it's become more ghetto in my opinion. I won't wear it anymore. All my friends where I live we wear Columbia and Mermot. Good luck!

  • most people I see wearing northface are like preppy blonde type girls. I don't see "ghetto" people wearing northface. hip hop style girls are wearing big puffy jackets with fur and fuzzy stuff