Do guys like big eyelashes?

Do big beautiful lashes make a girl seem more feminine and attractive? My eye makeup is natural, I just use a thin bit of liner the color of my lashes and then mascara to make my lashes long, flirty, and feminine. I have big eyes and this really makes them pop.


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  • I think they defiantly do, men seem to notice my lashes

    • you look like Adele :3

    • What mascara you use?

    • well I use both loreal voluminous and maybelline pulse perfection those are the only kind I've tried so I don't know if they are really that good, they just work for me, I'd like to try others. I do heavy liner on my top, none on the bottom and just dab to bottom lashes with mascara. I want to try fake lashes too. It's more for me really, I love huge lashes!

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  • I love long eyelashes, they look pretty and feminine! And sometimes they really enhance a girl's eyes. So, yes we love them!

    I find it strange that I have logner eyelashes than most girls I know. I wonder what they would look like on a girl, probably prettier than on my eyes!

    • I do notice many guys have gorgeous lashes!

    • Yeah, I can't seem to figure it out. I always thought it was the other way around!

      I'd love to give my girl my eye lashes, but I don't think they would come out right!

What Girls Said 2

  • Big eyelashes usually always help aid in an eye's attractiveness as opposed to hurt it. They tend to make your eyes pop out more. I'm jealous. A lot of girls wear fake eyelashes just to get that affect as well so I'm sure they are too. Embrace them!

  • i would think so...based on how huge the mascara market is :p


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