Do guys like eyeliner? Or not?

Do guys like eyeliner or not?

Does it just look stupid? Or not?

Or does it just look good and that's it

Or does it just look bad and that's it?


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  • Jut like all other makeup, if thy don't understand it they don't like it. So the more complicated it gets the less they like it

    • They usually don't understand makeup at all. And say they "prefer the natural look"

    • Lol you prefer the no makeup, makeup look. They don't actually think girls look better without makeup, they jut don't know when girls have it on

    • hahaha, this was kinda on point. in a way. the truth of the matter is that unless it stains our white tee... we really don't care.

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  • i think guys don't really care too much. they don't really understand it lol

  • no eyeliner doesn't look stupid to see but I never wear it but I might try to practice putting it on some time for fun