Guys: Would blackheads turn you off bad?

I've always been acne-prone, & still am, but not very much anymore since I've been on birth control & developed a good skincare regimen. But the one thing that I can't get rid of are my blackheads. They're like little black spots all over my nose. I've tried everything from scrubs, masks, pore strips, etc. & nothing seems to work. I've been pretty insecure about them, especially since a couple of years ago, my ex-boyfriend decided to comment on how I had "hair on my nose". He was a jerk anyway, but still.

You can't really see them unless you're next to me or in front of my face. But ever since I've been insecure about them, I started wearing makeup (concealer & foundation) all over my nose & eventually, now, all over my face.

I don't mind wearing makeup when going out with friends, on a date, special occasion, etc., but usually at those times I wear other makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, etc. too. It gets annoying feeling like I have to put on makeup everyday for school when I'm not even wearing any eye makeup. It takes up time because I have a tendency to run late. It also drains some of my money since I'm a poor college student, but it's not that big of a deal.

I ask this because I recently thought I look still look pretty good without makeup minus the blackheads (FYI, I have makeup on in all of my pictures on here) so I was wondering if I should keep wearing the makeup every time I go out because of them.

Guys, do you notice girls with these a lot or occasionally? I know it's not necessarily "attractive" & I also know that they're not the same as actual pimples, but does it put you off from talking to the girl? Does her attractiveness sink WAY down, or no?
Thanks everyone. I still wear the makeup on a daily basis for class & whatnot but I won't be so self-conscious about it when stepping out on my porch or if I wake up next to a guy.


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  • I mean I have eyes and I will notice, but would I honestly care if I have a good time with you? Not one bit. My ex had black heads but dang she was still gorgeous to me.


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  • Yeah you do inevitably notice it.

    Ive never met anyone with blackheads that turned me off... not yet.

    ADVICE for ya: If your masks and pore packs and whatever are not working on GETTING said black heads out, your skin is probably too oily. I know this because I had the same problem.

    So what you wanna do is take medication to dry your skin, you can try Roa Accutane (what dermatology dudes prescribe for bad acne people) {Roa might be the name of the company and Accutate the drug}... I know because I was on that before. It cleared my face up... BUT it also dried my skin and made it less oily, AND that allowed pore strips to work.

    So just my 2 cents worth. I don't know how much it costs though if you're in USA (I heard healthcare is messed up there), it's probably free in the UK or Finland or somewhere else in the EU or at least subsidized.

    Please DO NOT conceal your entire face, it might make the problem worse. Don't rely on make-up UNLESS you're going on a date... NOW it's not because you wanna look good, but because make-up on a girl signifies she wants to look good for a guy and that's a nice compliment for us... Some of us guys couldn't give a toss whether she wears make-up or not... I think make-up sucks and makes a woman look so artificial.

    • That area of my face isn't oily. It's actually REALLY dry. It's weird. I've heard a thousand times that it makes the problem worse but until I go to a dermatologist, what else am I supposed to do? BTW the makeup isn't clogging up any other part of my face.

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    • I guess I could try steaming my face again & then trying the pore strips. I'll see how that works. If not, then I'll just put up with them or go to the dermatologist.

    • Go for a dermatologist. I once dated 2 sisters who worked in a silk factory where there was a lot of steam/hot water, they had to bend over and work on some machine apparently and got exposed to the heat = good skin they had.

  • We are visual creatures sad but true..I can't make a judgment call with a heads are one of the hardest things to get rid of and never go away sad to say you might have to save you pennies and see a dermatologist about them..I always say happy with yourself just the way you are..if a guy is that shallow then your black heads are doing you a favor...if your looking for a guy yes wear the make up..believe it or not we are excepting of a lot of physical short comings..and I think you put way to much into it...if it went the black heads I think it would be something else..really!...Douche ¥ Bag

    • I've been single for 3 years. I guess I'm always looking for a guy. :P I mean, going to a university, you never know when you're going to see a hottie. But I just don't want to feel like I need it constantly, because at the end of the day, I'm just going to class.

  • I will deal...grow your pubes and I will overlook the blackheads...(:

  • I have black heads and I don't care.

    I'll notice but they don't matter to me.

    Just like stretch mark.

  • No, I'm not racist


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  • If they notice then they really aren't worth your time/attention in the first place.


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