I'm 5'9", he's 5'11" ....I can't wear heels ='(

So I've always loveddddd tall guys, partly because I'm tall. I just think it symbolizes masculinity and gives me the impression of feeling safe and protected by my guy. Also, I loveee wearing heals - just love how they make my legs and body look and they're just feminine and fun.

Anyways, my boyfriend isn't as tall as I'd prefer but I love him - so much! We're in a serious relationship (3.5yrs now) and we've spoken of marriage. I can't see my life without him, he's my other half. BUT I've always imagined my wedding with a beautiful flowy dress with magnificent pumps. All the cute shoes have 4+ inch heals (its so hard finding 3inchers - as I've only bought those since being with my boyfriend and I'm still taller than him!). I'd hover over him with anything higher than 3, and we already look weird Because I'm taller than him with 3 -____-

It's just that I've forfeited one of my favorite things to look like the prototypical couple. If only he was just 2-3 inches taller ='(

Thoughts? Help me cope with this ='(


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  • That sucks that he is shorter then you and that also sucks that you can't wear your heals. :(. Maybe he cna wear shoes with a thicker sole and heal so that way he can be a little taller then you or about even. I think it's a tough callo because you will have to sacrifice wearing 4+ inch heals. I say if you want to wear bigger heals then do it. You only live once. Jiust try not to think about being taller then your boyfriend. Just think baout it as you making yourself happy and looking very sexy. I think the size issue you dealt with for awhile and it's something you can overcome. Like you said you love your boyfriend.


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  • My girlfriend is TALL also.

    I'm 5'9, she's 5'8.

    And there is no way in hell you're telling her she can't wear her Christian's.

    I don't give a sh*t, and she doesn't either. We're still a power couple.

    You are waaaay to concerned about what other people are thinking.

    I think the faces you make while having sex look a lot dumber than being taller than your guy.

    • Dudee, now I am freaking about the faces I make too. My man recently asked if he took take videos. Ughhh.

  • soo just because you're taller than him IN HEELS means he doesn't give the impression of feeling safe and protected? lol

    I think you have some growing up to do if this is a big issue to you

  • Honestly? I think you should wear what you want and don't worry so much about the height difference. That's really superficial I think.

  • I never got the girl love of heels.

    This question makes me sad. I love girls that are only a few inches shorter than me, but alas it is always the way that they want the gigantic verging on 7 foot guys.

    You guys are the perfect height for each other. There's no horrible bending and reaching if you want to kiss, you can look each other in the eye. He is taller but not freakishly so. This is just perfect.

    I've known couples where the guy is shorter even, it is nice when you get someone who is the right height but it isn't the most important thing.

  • One of my best gfs was 6'1" (I am 5' 11 1/2") why does it matter if you are taller...do you think tall girls shouldn't have bfs?

  • "Thoughts? Help me cope with this "

    My thoughts? that you are a shallow woman to be even contemplating breaking up with this guy whom you say you love over something so stupid as him not being as tall so you could wear heels. GET OVER IT!

    Other couples have so much more to argue over and many more problems and here you are bitching over a your guys height? SMH. what's this world come too?

    • She never said she was contemplating ending the relationship. She said they have talked about marriage. She's merely saying she's uncomfortable with the height disparity.

    • It's still an idiotic thing to be worrying about. My point still stands, she needs to get the f*** over it

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  • i think people who want to be taller would hate how you have to war huge heels to make any difference. funny to, how you wish he was taller. not that you were shorter.

    hes a perfect height difference. I like about two inch difference. see each others eyes no awkward kissing.

    uve been with him over 3 years, & NOW you are worried about his height.

    imo, you are a guy -posing as a tall woman-who feels insecure about his height.

    or, you are actually who you say, & you have second thoughts doubting getting married. this is all subterfuge.

    or your just incredibly shallow. in which case you guys are going to wis you had second thoughts & didn't get married.

    wear w/e you want. if you like how it feels & how you look. then there's no debate. this is a silly internal battle. 'be shorter or look cute'. just do what you want.

    the wedding will be over in a few hours anyways. no point getting bent out of shape over a minor detail. just think of all the things you love-instead of his height. or don't marry.

    • "funny to, how you wish he was taller. not that you were shorter."

      Was thinking the same thing lol

    • Kain- hello again;)

      typos :




  • I'm 5'10" and so is the guy I'm crazy about. Honestly, being taller in heels doesn't bother me that much. I think it's usually the guy that feels more uncomfortable with it.

    Anyway, I know what you mean about there being no small heels these days! Everything is 4"+. But really, why do you care about looking like the 'prototypical couple'? And if it really bothers you, why not just wear 3" heels for the wedding? If you have a long dress you can't see them anyway!

    Does the height difference bother him? If not - then it shouldn't bother you. Heck, even if it does bother him it shouldn't be you. Height has nothing to do with masculinity, imo. It's about confidence, attitude and how they carry themselves. If he's going to stand proud next to you, even if you're a few inches taller than him, then who cares?

  • whatever happend to flats? lol

  • you're shallow. you should break up with him and do him that favor

  • Okay, I am 5'11 and my boyfriend is 6'1. When we go on dress up dates, I pull out the heels. He will always be masculine to me. I totally get were you are coming from with the guy being taller and making you feel safe and protected. But it's just heels. When you take them off, he is taller. Talk with him about the heels. I talked with mine. I asked him if he felt uncomfortable when I wore taller heels. He said he just wanted me to feel beautiful and if that meant wearing heels that made me taller, then do it. He said that he was confident enough to handle me being taller in heels. Also, when people see a taller girl with a shorter guy, they naturally look to see if they are wearing heels. I promise.

    Nicole Kidman is taller than her husband. And Katie Holmes is taller than Tom Cruise. I totally felt uncomfortable at first when I wore heels. But seeing the way he looks at me, knowing he thinks I am beautiful, and seeing other people also giving me the lusty eye, it makes me feel good and I've gotten used to it and stopped caring. This is the guy you love. If the heels matter, there are tricks you can do with your wedding and wedding photos. You don't even need to wear heels in the photos, your dress will cover them anyways. Ha. I will probably wear cowboy boots or sneakers with my wedding dress.

    Anyway, all and all, we have the same height difference and I promise you, if you talk to him about it, he will help you feel more confident about wearing heels that make you taller than him.

    • I really like this answer. There is really nothing better to say. :)

    • I don't know why it made me anonymous when I answered? Haha! I never answer anonymously.

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