So I'm getting a job as a cocktail waitress at a casino.. High heels?

Anyone ever had experience working as a cocktail waitress? They said I had to wear heels.. They can be low but I can barely walk in heels so 9 hours in them doesn't sound fun.. Do you get use to it? Right now I'm a server so I'm use to being on my feet all day.. And do you know how much they make? It's at a nice casino! Seminole Casino..
I didn't get the job but thanks guys.. :+( they said my tattoos were to distracting..


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  • That'll be tough. Try starting with low heels. What's the rest of the outfit look like? You should be able to do very weel at a nice casino from tips. Especially if you're wearing a hot uniform (and most casinos have the girls in something sexy).

    • Sorry to hear. I'd have thought your body would put you over the top, but they must have a visible tattoo policiy.

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  • Depends on the night, I'd say you make more towards the end of the like the week.


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  • You'll make a pretty good amount, more depending on your social skills. But a cocktail waitress can make a lot of money on tips. People who are drinking are always usually more generous when it comes to tips. Heels are easy to wear once you get used to them. This doesn't mean that you'll feel like walking on air with every pair of heels though. A lot of times you need to break in a pair until they feel comfortable on you and don't hurt. You should really look into baby heels (low heels). They are 10x easier to walk in as opposed to the larger heels.

  • You can go to your local Walgreens or CVS and buy some shoe inserts. They have them for heals too! I had to get them for homecoming. Saved myself alof or pain and glad I bought them! Hope this helps!


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