For tall guys, about kissing? :S


I have recently gotten a boyfriend (well he's been my boyfriend for about a month now) and I've kind of put off the kissing thing only because I'm not sure how to kiss him :S

He's quite a bit taller then me (by abour 7-8 inches or so) my head reaches his shoulders..

however he told me he wants to kiss my neck but will it be too awkward because I'm that much shorter? He will have to bend down a lot to kiss me, but is there another way?

Should I wear high heel shoes for him?

Im simply flustered over this as I don't want it to be awkward for him having to bend down that much :[

Any ideas / suggestions?


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  • You don't have to do anything special. Stand on toes or stand on staircase higher than him. It's all right. :)

    Even if it is a little inconvenient it is not that big deal. He can do it even if you don't help him. That kiss is worth it. We guys feel amazing when we kiss and are kissed. And little inconvenience will be forgotten easily.


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  • I'm 6'5"ish almost 6'6". My girlfriend isn't short but there is a little bit of awkwardness with the kissing initially. She has on numerous occasions worn high heels that brought her up a good 3-4 inches. It helped. Also steps are good. Occasionally in the kitchen she'll use a step-stool that brings us almost eye to eye.

    Its all good. He will like it all.

  • Wear heels. Wrap your arms around his neck and tilt your head back and look into his eyes. He can easily take a wider stance and dent a little to kiss you. Also you can easily kiss while siting next to each other, and latter on when you two are more comfortable he can pick you up and hold and and kiss you. =D It works. Don't worry about it.

  • There are other ways, I'm tall for my height and there are ways he can kiss you on the neck. By cuddling, laying down, or by lowering his head. It how he can find a way to kiss not just by asking you where he wants to kiss.

  • Do it while sitting down and cuddling with him.


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  • it's been a month and you haven't even kissed? damn. you can always do it sitting down. don't worry it should happen naturally


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