Where did my ego go? Problem with dating tall women.

Let me start off by saying I am 1.80m or a little less than 6 ft tall. I meet this woman around three weeks ago and I asked her out. We hit it off. She is about my height but tonight we went bar hopping and clubbing, so she wore heels. After heels she was easily 2-3 inches taller than me. For some reason it really hurt my ego. I mean it should have done the opposite, I was a guy who was dancing with a tall, slender, blond, who spewed sexyness. Just walking around from bar to bar she got hit on 3 times while I was with her. I am really not used to that, having a drunk guy start chatting up the girl I am with, it was annoying. Anyway we made out, she was constantly grinding me, we danced, it was fun, except for some reason I lacked a lot of my usual ego. By the end of the night I walked her home and she was constantly kissing me and pecking me and I seriously could not work up any excitement for having such a woman. Why? I should be physched but I wasn't I was kinda ignoring her. Something about not being the tall one in a relationship really f***ed with my head. She said she had one of the best nights out in a while. For me it was not, I am not even sure I will call her again. I feel like such a chump... need some advice.


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  • Maybe it has nothing to do with height at all and you simply just don't feel a certain level of chemistry with her. Or maybe there's something else going on with you that's affecting your confidence and making it difficult for you to enjoy the company of a girl...?

    • Ye maybe... I recently split with an ex. It is f***ed up... I think I might still love my ex but I am not sure. I have slept with other women since the break up and it was great but these women it was just sex. Maybe it is because the tall blond I am with is not just looking for sex, she wants more, I don't know if I am ready for another relationship just yet.

    • Awww, yeah, people who have recently split with an ex don't need to be trying to date other people. It's unfair to the new person you're dating who may be getting attached to you or developing feelings for you and here you are still stuck on someone else. I've seen situations identical to yours. You need to get over your ex and don't date anyone until you are completely over her. You're not ready for another relationship if you don't know. When you're ready, you just know, there is no doubt

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  • here is some advice, grow a pair and stop being a p****

    • This made me chuckle. Pandaninja you are a cheeky bugger.

    • I'd have to agree. You could break her heels.

      Or you could wear heels yourself. lol

    • have no cheeks, all bone, and dude I'm 5'2'' and have taken out girls that are 6'2'' before the heels, if you are drawing your confidence from your hight there is a problem, you have to simply go out and own it regardless of the situation

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