Is a pig nose (upturned nose) cute or hideous?

I know everyone's going to say it varies from each person, but just answer in general terms.How much does it really take away from someone's attractiveness


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  • Beauty is subjective!

    Its in the eye of the beholder!

    I hate it when people say that a woman who has a foot growing out of her face and is 900 lbs with a 40 3 inch warts that cover almost her entire face, and acne all over her body, covered in hair is ugly.

    That's their opinion.

    How dare you generalize anything. Don't you know how offensive that is to someone with a nose that you may not find visually appealing?

    In general people do not like facial symmetry, and indicators of youth and health. Because that stuff has changed throughout the years... oh wait it hasnt, people have always liked facial symmetry and physical signs of health...

    But I obliterated my argument that beauty is subjective... oh well. I'm stupid.



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  • It's weird, but it depends on the girl; what other things does she have to offer?

    • I feel like I would be pretty attractive if I didn't have that nose.

    • If you have nice eyes and good facial structure, the nose can be ignored.

  • Hideous, if the girls is smokin hot and her face is to besides her nose.. its a no go for me

  • I'll keep it simple, I think it's cute lol.


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  • is it that bad? Isn't that called a button nose?

    Well I'm Asian and I have a super flat nose, sort of like michelle phan but flatter and I'm taken. I think it may be confidence and your personality that can win over the guy. good luck