Do guys like dip dyed ends? (when a girl colors the ends of her hair in like a purple or pink)

If a guy sees a girl with dyed ends that are like purple or orange do they like this? What are their thoughts on this? There is this thing called color rub and it makes the ends of your hair a different color and then washes out with shampoo and it comes in purple, blue, orange, and pink. Of I am a brunette what color should I get? Also would the guy I am hanging out with like this? (also do guys like highlights?) thanks in advance! I rate answers!


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  • I don't usually like highlights too much, but I do like the dip-dyed thing you're talking about.

    I dunno, today I saw a gal walking around with highlighter pink hair, something about it made me attracted to her lol

  • I don't like the purple or pink dipped ends. Kind of juvenile in my opinion.

    Highlights can be nice if done properly.

    • What if me and the guy are only like fourteen or fifteen?

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    • actually, I have been trying to change the age. do you know where I can?

    • Under profile settings I think.

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  • i love it... recently did that, different product, same result. I think you should try red or blue.

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