Skin tight jeans on guys showing off everything

Girls with good bodies look really hot in skin tight jeans that show off all their curves. link

But what about guys with great bodies doing the same? Is that hot as well? link

Those links were just examples, you'll have to imagine your version of a hot guy in such really tight jeans.


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  • Uhhh... no.

    It's okay for girls because our bodies are feminine and it shows off curves which are attractive.

    For guys, it's weird. You don't want to see all parts of them highlighted by tight clothes.


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  • Most of the time it depends on the person but usually the answer is no. Tight jeans look good on females for those who are attracted to females appreciate curves whereas not many men have curves and most are not attracted to a mans legs.

  • I usually don't mind tight jeans but that link for the guy is just wrong hahaha.. no.. please.. also, the hottest guy I've ever seen in my life wore really really tight jeans that just clung in the wrong way and made his legs look feminine, looked really bad!

  • Guys that wear tight jeans is a turn off.


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