I think I have a bulbous nose, does that make me unattractive?

It isn't terribly huge but I really hate it, I have my dad's stupid sh*tty bulbous nose and I feel so unattractive with it. And I am not looking for "oh not you are fine" responses be honest, is this a turn off or does it make me unattractive because of it?


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  • I am going to be 100% HONEST with you here. YES, AND NO. What you need to remember is that EVERYBODY is different in some way. And, likewise, EVERYBODY has different "tastes" and definitions of "attractiveness".

    For ME, as an example, I LOOK for a woman with what she or "society" would call "flaws". Like that scar on her cheek or leg, or that crooked nose, or crooked teeth. Don't get me wrong, here, I am NOT talking about that the uglier you are the more attractive you are! What I am saying is that those "flaws" give you your own CHARACTER. Sure, some guys would find it unattractive. Just as you may find something about THEM unattractive. But, and here's the beauty of it all: MANY GUYS DON'T FIND IT UNATTRACTIVE! ME, for instance! Nobody is looking for a train-wreck. That's just a given. But MOST guys will admit that SOME kind of "imperfection" (as you consider your nose to be) is highly attractive and gives you a sense of individuality and character. Then there are those guys that will settle for absolutely nothing LESS than absolute perfection, and THAT is PRECISELY the guy you want to avoid AT ALL COSTS because when you marry that guy, at age 45 he will be hunting down the "perfect" 18 year old and leaving YOU BEHIND; or, worse, he'll have you going through so many surgeries that you look like Joan Rivers or worse. DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT GUY?! Here is a hint: If you meet a guy and your nose is a "problem" for him--GET THE HELL OUT IMMEDIATELY. If, however, as I suspect you will, you find a guy and he tells you that you're BEAUTIFUL (even though YOU feel differently because of your nose), THIS is the guy you want--provided he's not a married man or a woman beater, etc. I think you get my intent here!

    So, Sweetheart, lose the hang-up with your nose. You are who you are for a reason and I am quite certain that you are beautiful just the way you are. Just remember that the nose you have, whether or not you detest it, IS a GIFT to you from your long distant ancestors and parents. Most are no longer around, and your parents won't be here forever. This is a part of THEM that you will have with you until the day you die so wear it with pride knowing that YOU are the ONLY PERSON WHO LOOKS LIKE YOU. This gives your your INDIVIDUALITY and only serves to add to the ATTRACTIVENESS of you--it does NOT, IN ANY WAY, take away from it. OK? Don't worry about it--you could be in MY situation! In fact, I'll trade you ANY day! I got very sick and was prescribed a horrible medication. ALL MY LIFE I had absolutely PERFECT teeth. This medication saved the day, but now it completely DESTROYED my teeth to where it is utterly DISGUSTING, as well as destroying some of my bones. YOU can at least SMILE without being embarassed to the very core of your soul...I CAN'T. And NASTY TEETH is something that *NOBODY* wants in a man (or woman). Be thankful, and be CONFIDENT that you are beautiful NOT by somebody ELSE'S standards, but by your OWN


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  • Hard to say without a picture.

    • True, I was meaning bulbous noses in general, I tried to upload various photos but to no avail I cannot find a file small enough for some reason, not even from my phone, so it will just have to refer to similar noses in general. Thanks, sorry

    • upload? can't you just paste the link in an edit to the question?

    • ill try that

  • If it stand out a lot then yeah, also its harder to kiss. But if its just a little bigger and bulbous-y then a regular nose most people wouldn't mind.

  • One awkward feature isn't going to ruin a person's looks. It might give you more character if anything if your other features are fairly well proportioned.


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