Do guys like chubby girls?

I am chubby and never had a boyfriend. I am pretty but a lot of guys I have ever had an interest in has hurt me. Guys have said that I would end up being a spinster. Girls have told me I would never be pretty enough to get a boyfriend. I am tired of hearing such stuff. I know I am young and I have a lot of time but I just want to be loved just once to know what it feels like. Is it because I am chubby or as some would say fat? I have never been kissed, never held hands with a guy. Never. Ever been on a date. Never. And I want that. All of my friends have been with there boyfriends since freshman year. I didn't even go to prom I couldn't buy a ticket because I would have been the only one of my friends going alone. I am tired of being the third wheel the last end of the triangle I hate feeling alone. I just want to know why?


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  • Your first and sole focus should be on loosing weight safely, not finding a boyfriend. Men of all ages place a VERY strong emphasis on physical attractiveness. If you want to give yourself a chance to land a guy, loosing weight will be the number one thing you can do to help yourself. Not to mention, it will improve your health and mental well-being. What steps have you taken to loose weigh thus far?

    • I go to the gym every day and spend two hours working out since January I have lost 60 pounds I look and feel better but still feel lonely they guys I do attract are really creeps or perverts and I am also tired of that too.

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    • You are very welcome. :)

    • This is excellent advice - I have nothing to add except say "you go girl!"

      Besides being height/weight proportionate and having a good waist to hip ratio and no cankles/fat neck, men (even if they do not realize it) pay attention to skin, nails, hair. As in, them being healthy - not makeup or pedicure (esp. fake nails or weird fancy multi-color polish).

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  • I've seem some crazy ugly fatties owning the sh*t out of good looking guys. Personally I don't think it's right that this enormeous individuals with such huge faces dominate these cool guys just because they give them nookie, it's just not right.

    These guys should have better standards, but sadly most guys don't have standards at all and will do anything that moves, even have long relationships with them. Hell these women even have children with them and make these men go to work to comeback home for that? Cheese, it's so not right.

    So if you are a chubby girl, don't worry you can find a man right away, they just around the corner, you don't even have to try hard at all.

    But my advice is just lose the weight, it's not hard to be skinny at all, just cut the sugar, the HFCS and the white flour and you will be skinny in no time.

    You will feel more confident, look good, get more attention, feel good, have more energy, you will be more healthy active, and you will live longer, plus you won't make guys like me disgusted to see you with a cool guy, it will make sense that you are with one.

  • one of my friends faces the same problem. BE PATIENT and eventually a guy will come your way that understands your pain and shares your interests... patience..

  • More of you to love darling, chubby does not mean cannot, you need to change your perception of your self, if you want some advice, see my profile and call me, listen not been rude but a bit of meat can be a real turn on for a lot of men, like skinny anorexic girls are a massive turn off, I know men who love going down on meaty women, ?They love it, why plenty to get to grips with. You listen to me, I am 56 a therapist and I hear it all, lets say you decide to lose a few pounds to feel better about yourself, how much would you want to lose, where do you stop, what would make you happy, look at the pics of Marilyn Monroe, she was no size 8 ill tell you, but she was fking hot property and men lusted after her. Learn to love you, don't be afraid to explore your own body and know what you like and how it feels to like it.

    stay well.


    • Marilyn Monroe was a size 16. In case you wanted to know the exacted size. :)

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  • I am chubby myself I never used to be, but I have the same comments made at me especially around skinny people, which tends to make me more depressed, but I believe it is all about confidence, so what I am overweight some guys actually like that and don't rush into anything you will find someone when you least except it and the right guy. If your concered about your weight try and do something however I know its not easy and as for other girls they are probably saying that as they are jealous. Plus guys do like chubby girls. If you want to chat and say experiences please email me on here and please don't worry you will meet someone when the time is right.

    • There was a time when I was smaller in size but the changed because I had been molested for years then eventually raped by him. And so I thought if I gained weight no man would ever touch me again. But it still didn't stop. But now that I am a little bit older I want to just be loved not used.

  • Yeah. I could get guys. Maybe not as many ask slim chicks. But still guys. Attractive ones too. Maybe you need to go out more.

  • I am sorry to here that happened to you

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