Which nail polish color should I wear? (sorry- I'm hopeless with this stuff)

I never wear nail polish so I don't know what color would suit me. I just want a simple color that isn't very noticeable but not ugly looking. I'm a pretty happy person and I don't wear dark clothes- usually blues. I just want a color that I can apply and leave without it clashing hideously all the time (obviously it eventually will, just not with every outfit plz). I don't want something that everyone will immediately notice if that's possible because I have never worn nail polish before and I don't feel like having everyone interrogating me. Sorry, I'm a total fail with beauty stuff.

Thanks for reading :) xx


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  • It sounds like nude colors are exactly what you are looking for! Here are some of the nude nail polishes I love: Essie's "Sugar Daddy" link , OPI's "Samoan Sand" link OPI's "Bubble Bath" link or OPI's "Barefoot in Barcelona" link . Luckily, you will find every single brand of nailpolish does nudes so you are bound to find some shades you fall in love with but in general, Essie and OPI are great quality for the price.

    • Thank you! This is perfect! Thanks for the brands and names because now I know what to look for! :D this is great! Thanks!

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    • Thank you for BA!

    • No problem

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