He looked at me, and turned away?

I am absolutely confused- this guy from lecture has been hardcore pursuing me for the last couple weeks (smiling, sneaking looks at me, leaving slowly after class so we had a chance to talk etc). I responded well when I realized what he was doing- and he responded just as well. I expected today to go just as well.

We had a class today but I didn't see him on my way in. When class ended, he must've left the lecture hall first because I saw him when I opened the door to leave. I THINK he was already looking at me, because when I caught his eye he was already turning away.. What's happening?

I went to the ladies room after that, and when I came back out a minute later most people had already left... and he was gone too.

A part of me wants to think that maybe he was just too shy-- but doesn't it seem pretty unlikely given how bold be was for the last 2 weeks?
He looked at me, and turned away?
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