He looked at me, and turned away?

I am absolutely confused- this guy from lecture has been hardcore pursuing me for the last couple weeks (smiling, sneaking looks at me, leaving slowly after class so we had a chance to talk etc). I responded well when I realized what he was doing- and he responded just as well. I expected today to go just as well.

We had a class today but I didn't see him on my way in. When class ended, he must've left the lecture hall first because I saw him when I opened the door to leave. I THINK he was already looking at me, because when I caught his eye he was already turning away.. What's happening?

I went to the ladies room after that, and when I came back out a minute later most people had already left... and he was gone too.

A part of me wants to think that maybe he was just too shy-- but doesn't it seem pretty unlikely given how bold be was for the last 2 weeks?


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  • Well the good news about us guys crushing a girl is we don't give up that easily. Especially if the lady is talking to us. Usually we have to have solid evidence to show that we are going to get turned down before we ever stop crushing a girl. Also, we never walk away from an attractive girl who is talking to us after class or whenever.

    Here is what I am thinking:

    -----Your being tested or your not giving him enough cues for him to make his move.

    ====If he is testing you, he will start to look unattracted to you to see if he can get you to notice him, and once you start giving him cues, then he will start to make himself approachable again.

    ==your cues are an important part of the chase...here are a couple of tips

    `To tell if he likes likes you, try locking eyes with him. I always notice when a girl is ready to lock eyes with me, and if she is totally cute, I will give solid long eye contact. I am subconsciously telling her that I enjoy her company and would like to get to know her more. It always works! More eye contact = more interest.

    `To let him know your digging him; try tha Gansta move! Catch his eyes(this lets him know he has your attention), smile(this lets him know you like what you see and are loads of fun), and look down(this lets him know that you are submissive to him*feminine response*). Gansta move = catch his eyes + smile + look down == best damn flirting move a girl gives a guy! It's programmed in our instinct, to know, this is a girl who wants to totally go out with us guys.


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  • Well the first I need to say is that women need to become more bold. Bold not like saying I like you, but making it acuately aware that you like the person. If you flirt, flirt hard! Make it abundantly clear that you like him. Use all of the glaring flirting signals, toss your hair, laugh at his jokes, positive body language not closed! He clearly likes you, you just haven't given him enough signs yet. Scream at the top your lungs that you like him! Not literally but figuratively...Dependng on how young he is, he might be unware of signals...Touch him, seduce him, don't come across as easy otherwise he will lose interest...

    I wish you the best!

    • "Dependng on how young he is, he might be unware of signals"

      Some guys, I venture to guess, never learn about signals

  • Feelings change, one minute, someone can be confident, the next completely self concious.


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