Why did he turn around and look at me?

So there's this guy I have a crush on I don't know if he finds me attractive since I haven't seen any obvious signs from him. But I think he might know I like him since once I tried to make strong eye contact but he looked away first. Anywhoo the other day me and my friend were walking behind him and I was talking about my ex contacting me again. We weren't very close to him but we were close enough for him to hear our convo. Anyways he then turned around and looked at me before turning away again. So why do you think he did that?


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  • There are three possibilities:

    1) He was curious because he likes you. No idea, could be.

    2) He just heard someone talking and looked who it was... many people do that?

    3) If you often do such things or make strong eye contact often but he doesn't like you, maybe he's annoyed by you and just thought "Man, it's her again...".

    These are the possibilities. But how could I know what exactly it is?

    Just because I am male, too that doesn't mean I can look into his head. ^^


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