You think he is only physically attracted to you?

This guy and I, are friends. He asked me out the other day, but I said no. I asked him why he likes me and he said because you are sexy and I love your long legs when you wear heals. I think he is only physically attracted to me. And get you know what? But I know better and I have class.

How do I reverse this and make him like me for me?

He asked me out to the movies, should I go?

Should I change the way I dress?


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  • You can not blame him for being honest. In fact, for most men, romantic interest can happen only with a woman they are physically attracted to. The first thing we notice about women is their looks. In fact, often we think that women also like us only for our looks and we spend a lot of time trying to develop a good body, wear good clothes and perfume.

    Yes we can like a woman for who she is (intellect, hobbies, profession etc.). But if there is no physical attraction, it can only result in friendship.

    So, please do not misunderstand him. What his statement means is this:" I find you attractive, sexy and I can visualize romance and sex with you. But let us go out together and see if we can get along and enjoy each other's comapny first".

    Tone down the way you dress, but do not become asexual.


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  • you can't change people and make them like you "for you". he's told you what he likes about you, if it isn't what you wanted to hear then what needs to change is the person you're spending time with.

  • Go out with him a few times and cover up all skin.

    dont show anything at all and see how he reacts to it


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  • ok, I can only say one thing: LOOKS ARE EVERYTHING!

    take it from me... this guy I was seeing said the only reason why he was with me is because of the way I dress & how I look. that was a messed up thing to say. I thought he was kidding but he said it with a straight face. so I left his ass after that.. shallow mofo.

    these assholes don't even know that we carry more than just looks to kill. am I right?