Ear piercing on men, yes or no?

My boyfriend is 23 years old, he is applying for medical school and I convinced him to get both his ears Pierced, they looked great on him! I think it made him look more put together, he said he does not want to look ghetto or trashy and it didn't, he is a well put together guy, classy and even with the piercing he looked good, but then he talked to his dad and he said it look so trashy and even when it heals there will be a hole on your ears and interviews for medical school the people won't want him because of the earring or the hole, when I don't feel that way at all and he ended taking one out and leaving the other in, when I actually think that's more trashy to just have one in, so question is what do you think of guys with there ears pierced and what do you think about have both or just one in, and do you believe in the. Stereo type earrings have on men?

Ohhh and by the way they where really small circle earrings
Ear piercing on men, yes or no?
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