Guys: Thoughts on Natural Beauty vs Artificial Beauty

Okay what do you guys think of a girl who doesn't need makeup at all, she is gorgeous like that. Turns heads everyone were she goes vs a girl who needs makeup to look attractive. Does it really matter to you guys? Like the girl with natural beauty is naturally like that while the other one needs something on


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  • If makeup is done right, then most guys won't even notice the girl is wearing makeup. That is why so many guys say they prefer a girl without makeup and then run straight toward the girls wearing makeup. If we think she is hot, then we are not likely to see anything artificial about her.

    • You are so right in that. I hear a lot of girls complain about guys saying they prefer natural but choose girls who wear makeup. What if the girl you once perceived as hot goes without makeup and looks completely different?

    • It isn't like most girls are hot with makeup, and ugly without. It is similar to a girl having a bad hair day. They don't look their best that day, but it doesn't mean we find them ugly or feel deceived about their looks.

    • I actually like that analogy. If only girls would believe it. I feel like the media pressures all of us girls into looking a certain way and it actually has girls like "slaves" to makeup when they have beauty

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  • I'd prefer a girl that is naturally beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the use of it (I'm a huge sucker for that whole smokey eye look), I'm just saying that I want to fall in love with the girl and not the make up she wears. Sometimes girls look even more attractive without make up than if they put it on.

    • i agree like I know some girls who look gorgeous without makeup and on special occasions they put some on they look EXTRA gorgeous haha

  • If we're going only on looks here, I'm actually attracted to natural beauty as you define it rather than someone who wears cosmetics. I like the type of girl who doesn't spend all day primping in front of a mirror, and in my experience girls who go without cosmetics are more likely to join in the activities I enjoy such as camping and other outdoor activities.

    • Your right, since they don't have to worry about their makeup melting

  • girls with naturally beauty are the best not even a contest. I prefer girls who don't wear make up or very little in fact.

  • IMO if a girl doesn't look beautiful without make-up, she's not beautiful.

    When judging a girl's looks, I judge her by how she looks without make-up.

    Pretty much any girl who isn't fat or deformed can look fairly good with the right make-up.


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