Signs that a shy girl likes you

so basically how do you tell if a SHY girl likes you or not?

the girl I like is shy, very studious and only hangs around girl friends.

since she's shy and is very dedicated to her work, does that mean I don't have a chance? what do these types of girls like in a guy? we are in our late teens (16+). I think you guys/girls should know these types of girls are actually quite strict with studying (im talking about the extreme studious types). she's not only studious but really pretty as well.

do I have a chance or not? I've known her for around a month. I won't see her much next year because we won't be attending the same classes anymore (we are studying different courses- its just that merely some courses require students to study the same subjects early on and later on we diverge into our own specialized subjects).

so should I wait till a few months/next year and contact her then?

or should I ask her out now? I'm afraid she'll reject me since she's still young and I'm pretty sure she hasn't gone out with anyone yet? I know I could be wrong, but its just an instinct.

i know there's "plenty of fish in the ocean" but I'm so attracted to dis girl, I don't wanna risk it.


hey hey thanks for replying. but if I don't ask her now, what if I lose contact with her? honestly if I don't do any subjects with her why would I contact her? also since ur a shy girl, what are some things you would do if you liked a guy?


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  • well. I am a studious and shy girl now in her twenties. What can I say. I can remember when I was in high school,I was very much like this girl you describe,so I will be honest : asking her out is a risk. It is because she might very well say No. Why? Because she is afraid you might take time away from her studies ,because she is inexperienced and just thinks it would be embarassing for you to find out that and last but not least she might just not be into u. I have rejected a lot of boys during high school ...I just saw all my girl friends going thru all that drama and just thought "Damn ,I don't need this ". I was very concentrated ,I wanted to get into med school,I was focused and thought I would have all the time in the world. Now that I have achieved these goals I realize I was wrong : it would have been nice to have a "sweethart" during high school,I miss not having that. I would not have "ruined" my career at all,it would have just been a nice plus. So,if you do realize you really like this girl ,u must also understand this : you will always come after her school work,u will be a "nice plus" not the center of her life.She will not allow that. But than again isn't this what relationships are supposed to mean at age 16-18? Nice experiences and that's it? Experiences from which to learn a sentimental education as Flaubert would put it? I think that's the healthy way to think. But anyways,what I could advise you to do is...don't be too forward. Just try talking to her,don't show her immediately an interest in more than a friendship. Be very patient ,take things slow,talk to her about school stuff,get her talking about her interests,future plans (she'll love that) and aspirations. Ask her for studying suggestions,career suggestions. And then take it from there. Good luck.


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  • See I am also a shy girl, but I'd say go for it.

    I mean, if you don't ask her out now, will you ever get round to doing it? And like you said, it might be a bit weird if you randomly contact her in a year's time...

    And, if she says no, you'll hardly see her in the near future, so there will be no awkwardness =]

    Just watch out for little signs, like longer than normal eye contact... Excessive giggling... Smiling... Body language...

    Even if she's not flirting with you in the normal way, her body language will give her away, that is, if you know what you're looking for. Look at the way she is around you. If her actions begin to match yours, you might be in there ; ] lol =P

    Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask me =]

    I am just turning 17 and I'm a shy girl... So I might be of some help =] x

  • I am a shy girl and when I am around the guy I like, I generally turn really red. Also when I catch a guy looking at me and making eye contact I look away really fast. This is just me, I'm not sure weather it happens with all shy girls.


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