Buying shoes for my wife

my wife sometimes says to me that for birthdays/xmas or just to be nice I can always feel free to buy her shoes/boots that I like or would like to see her in.

i just find it very hard buying a girl those things especially if she werent to like them.

i find heels very very sexy on girls (I don't have a foot fetish btw)

just love how girls look in them its one of the first things I notice on a girl.

ive even asked her on occasion when were drinking to put on heels for me in bed while we have sex cause I think its sexy. and she's OK with it but when I'm sober I find it awkward to ask in case she thinks its weird even those she's always said its fine.

anyway... we recently had out first baby... a little girl.

shes been working very hard to start to lose baby weight and more and get really in shape.

i would love to get her some sexy heels for something to feel good in and that I would love to see her in.

i have a certain pain in mind that I've always loved to see on girls and think its the absolute sexiest shoe a girl can wear.


i just worry that she would think theyre maybe too high for her or think theyre a little trashy or something and think its weird that I'm buying them.

also when it comes to boots she doesn't have too many pairs and wants more the pairs that she does have are flats but id love to see her in ones like these






you get the jist... not hooker looking boots but not just flats.. some with a wedge or heels.

but I'm worried she'll think theyre slutty or I'm trying to get her to dress more "sexy" I guess.

so is this weird at all or can I get some advice on how to bring this up to her and not feel awkward or show her shoes that would drive me nuts to see her in thanks!
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+1 y
All these answers are awesome! Thx for the help
+1 y
Decided to talk to her about it. She said she would wanna go with me cause

She wants to make sure they fit right if I buy her shoes.

She liked the black pumps but they're really high. She's gotta lose the baby weight

Before she would be able to handle them

She liked the wedge and low heel boots a lot but Didn't like

The high heel boots. Not really her style and thinks they look a little hookerish

Any girls want me to buy sexy shoes for them? Lol
Buying shoes for my wife
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