What features make a guy's face ugly?

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What can a man do to improve his facial features and be considered to have a good looking face?

Me personally (That's not me in my AVI), have great skin and hair, but my gums (frenulum surperioris) cover the the top portion of my front teeth when I smile.

I have facial nerve paralysis in one of the muscles the right side of my face giving me an asymmetric smile (really sad about this)

My nose, although thin and straight from the front, is pointy at the bottom, radix is slightly too low and due to my short philtrum my upper lip and nose touch when I smile (my smile is fucked up big time, and it has impacted my social life negatively)

My teeth are white (brush and floss them twice daily) and structured nicely (even due to my upper lateral incisors being genetically missing, thank braces for that) but my gum and facial nerve issue prevent my smile from looking nice.

My nose I feel is too long vertically, and as a result my facial thirds are not perfectly proportioned, I would benefit from having my middle third shortened and lower third lengthened so that I am proportionate and balanced.

The vertical expression lines in my middle forehead are asymmetric (I only noticed this when I mirrored my facial image)

My chin has a nice shape to it but my jawline, although not obscured by fat, is round and not angular (wish my gonial angle was more defined).

My eyebrows are flat, have good thickness but are slightly too high and slightly too far apart and are not very dark.

My zygomatic bones are only slightly wider than my temples and my upper skull is very broad, which makes the facial bone structure (or lack thereof) of the lower two facial thirds appear less robust.

My jaw width from the front is poor, and the mandible bone structure is not angular at all, I need to get either mandibular implants or masseter hypertrophy to correct this issue.

My eye color is a dull brown, and although my eyes are almond shaped they can sometimes appear to have a slight negative canthus tilt making them look a little droopy.

My ears are tilted backwards and stick out more than I would like (although the protrusion is not extreme by any means)

Sometimes I feel that the only things I have going for me is my intellect, promising career outlook, height, and nice body. I know that the dating game is very superficial and based on immediate sensory inputs, I just want to look slightly better than average so that I won't be rejected before I get my foot in the door.

If there is one man who's face I would consider ideal or beautiful in the context of male attractiveness I would say that the young Paul Newman fits the bill perfectly.

What features make a guy's face ugly?
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