What are your views on dudes with waves in their hair?

now, i'm not asking if they look good, if they look good on me?, should i get them and all that other bullshit. but feel free to express these views, i will just take them as a bonus. like these are good examples...

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images? q=tbn:ANd9GcRHQ6dNwnqeRWSYzcc6r4IzM08dWQUzpkRFXUgQmh8ZhnLYsC6JEQ




anyways i just want to know, do you think they look too ghetto? do you think if i go with my hair like that to a job interview i would get the job or not?

i just want to know, cause i been wanting to wave my hair for such a while now but i'm obviously not in high school anymore so i gotta put cool trends and style at the back of the line. i wanna know if i will still look decent and professional with waves in my hair


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  • Of course they look decent and professional. Having wavy or curly hair doesn't make one look unprofessional. As long as it looks kempt and, for a man, is of reasonable length then it won't hurt your job prospects.


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  • i recently discovered that i LOVE wavy hair on boys

    • lol! there are guys in japan with wavy hair?

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    • most Asians have thick, coarse hair. some have fine, soft hair. i envy them.

    • europeans in general have fine, soft hair. so when i go to the salon they tell me, judging by your hair texture alone no one could guess you're part caucasian :/

  • I think it's all depends on what kind of job your going for. I don't think your hair style could really affect that but at my job we can't have to many colors or have a drastic hair style. I think you should totally go for it though

  • I dont like the waves but I love afros they're my weakness. In terms of whetehr a hairstyle would affect your job prospects? I would say I am not sure but whatever you do make sure your hair is neat for an interview, so you look presentable.


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