What makes a girl look or seem easy? Do these outfits make me look easy?

when guys or girls think of a girl that is easy what do they look or act like?
-lots of makeup?
-showing lots of skin?
-touching guys?
-flirting with lots of boys?

what i wear to school:










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  • 1. Lots of makeup - I don't think this neccessarily makes a girls looks easy.

    2. Showing lots of skin - possible indication that either you love your body and want to show it off or you are trying to get attention. It could make you look easy as you are giving guys an invitation to objectify you and put their hands on you.

    3. Touching guys - this could be seen as being easy as you are being forward and flirting a lot. Guys could take this as a clear green light that you are DTF.

    4. Flirting with lots of boys - Again, it could seem like you want attention from guys and they make think you want to have sex.

    I saw your outfits. Although they are quite provocative and show lots of skin, I don't think wearing those kind of clothes alone will give you a label of being easy. Your behaviour may add to the assumption that you're easy. However, you must remember that you are wearing these outfits to school and you are young and surrounded by horny teenagers everyday. So in that environment people may in fact mistake you for being easy and wanting attention from guys. You may end up only attracting guys who only want to get laid and who are looking for an easy girl.


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  • All of them look skimpy except for the green shorts and the bluish tank top, also the black dress looks OK. Cover up just a tad bit more and you'll be fine.

    It shows too much skin. Make up doesn't really make you look like anything but it's kinda gross if a girl wears too much; no make up is better.

    Touching and flirting do make you look easy. Tone it down... only do it with guys that you are REALLY interested in, not with every friggin guy on the football team.

  • this is what i think of when i think easy

    dont show stomach or too much boob in school only at parties , beach, bar etc where its sociall acceptable to hook up

    • What do you think about each outfit? Are they ok?

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    • What do you think of this outfit specifically is it showing too much skin for high school



    • the top would be good for parties, beach, club , etc but not to school
      the shorts would be fine as long as they're with not too revealing tops, like button downs, or tanktops etc. i personally think button down and shorts are hot on girls

  • Your clothes tend to be provocative, but that alone won't get yu labeled as 'easy.' If you flirt with groupsof guys all the time, and sleep with many..THAT'S what will gan you that reputation.

    The clothes just put you in the 'flirt' category.

  • Sometimes that's just how someone is! Those clothes are fine to be worn, especially if your aim is to turn heads.

    Perhaps not so appropriate at school though, cover up more there perhaps.
    Although does your school not have a dress code? If your teachers mention it, you should probably make a change!

  • Some are ok and some are a little skimpy. The skimpy ones will attract guys looking for an easy girl. You will attract the guys you advertise for.

  • Some are good for school and some of them make you look like you are asking for attention.

    • Which outfits are good which make me look like I'm asking for attention?

    • 1 and 5 look like you want attention and the rest look really good!

  • basically what you do and say screams: I WANT ATTENTION
    lots of skin, cleavage, bright colors, drawing lots of attention to yourself

    in my book this all means this girl wants attention from guys

    • What do you think of my outfits? :)

    • You want to catch guy's attention but you're not blatant and desperate. There are so many girls at my school who dress like that

What Girls Said 3

  • I think the outfits are nice as long as you are comfortable in them and aren't wearing them to gain attention then I see no problem.

    An easy girl (in my eyes) is someone who makes herself readily available for whoever, no standards, no dignity and no shame. I don't think the way you dress would give off that vibe unless you had an easy girl persona as well.

  • Everything seems fine, just wear a tank top under the crop top, and under the loose-fitting tank top you linked. Best to keep that stomach covered.

    To me, looking easy has to do with both style of dressing and demeanor. When it comes to clothes, some girls wear very tight fitting things that show off every little curve and lump or they wear clothes that barely cover anything, like crop tops without anything under them or short shorts that stop right under the butt cheeks. And some girls give off an "easy" vibe.

  • How big are your boobs? If they're an A or B those tops are fine, bigger and it might be too much cleavage...

    • They're a c cup

    • C should be fine in those too, just don't wear a push up bra, they're cute tops.

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