Boyshorts/Boy Briefs VS Panties

This mytake is just a personal review and comparison from my experiences. I also am doing this post for people who have never tried...

The beauty of the 18th century

Ah yes, the age of guillotines and powdered wigs! There probably wasn't much beauty in the political world or the nations relationships,...

A glimpse into the beauty of the Edwardian time period

"The Edwardian era or Edwardian period of British history spanned the reign of King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910, and is sometimes extended...

Trendy Hairstyles Ideas Using Wavy Extensions

You might have seen the wavy hairstyles are so in trend. Recently all the celebrities have been caught with beach wavy hair look with...

More things/styles for my alter ego

Thought I'd add some more bc a lot of people liked my last one. The men might want to skip to the bottom. The hair: I don't normally...

WORLD'S SEXIEST CORSETS - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Her Corset, but were too afraid you'd get slapped if you asked!

I don't wear corsets for the sole purpose of bringing my tummy in "yet", but I just love the sexiness of wearing one on occasion...

Girls, what do you think of guys with receding hair lines?

What do you think of guys who's hair started receding early?

Does my studio look good? how should I decorate it?

I don’t like the walks I wish it was a light grey color to match the elegant theme I’m going for. But it feels kinda empty I need help....

Do women want to grow their hair out because of societal beauty standards or internal preference?

Is it brain genetics that cause females to want to grow their hair long, or is it society and beauty standards?

Is it normal to feel insecure about your eye color?

I have hazel green eyes which look dull. Many people in the past made weird comments about my eye color - saying that they are not light...

High heels for everyday use - how high?

What do you think is a good heel hight for everyday use? I use 8-12 cm heels for everyday use, but what do you think or use?

Girls, with a big thing of guys wearing womens clothes today, dresses?

Honestly, does it turn any of you on, seriously asking, this is fascinating, or what do you think of the idea of a man wearing a dress,...

Guys, Men, what do you prefer to see on women, pants or dresses/skirts?

Also, what would consider more feminine between the options?

Girls, which style do you prefer on a groom. Guys which style would you prefer as the groom?

I feel like I’m forgetting a style but oh well, GAG only gives 7 poll options anyways. I’ve never been crazy about the whole suit/tie...

Would you wear these and how they are?

Would you wear these skinny jeans and would you wear them cuffed like in the pics?

Which prom dress would look best?

So I found a better website with nicer dresses for graduation/prom, which one would look best on me or which one would look nicest? I...

What do you think looks better on guys?

Do you like boxers, boxer briefs or briefs? Please explain why