What's your skin care routine?

My A. M. routine

-Hydrating cleanser ( the one I use has aloevera, cucumber, glycerine for hydration)
-Moisturizer ( so, my moisturizer has niacinemide which is a plus i guess)
-Treatment for acne (clindemycin prescribed by my dermatologist)
-And Sunscreen ( spf 30)

P. M. routine

-Cleanser with salicylic acid 2% and glycolic acid. (Prescribed by dermatologist for my acne)
-Toner ( i use it just because i bought it once and now i have to finish it even though it feels good but after researching about this, i got to know that they don't do much, they just balance the pH)
-Night cream ( this one has hyaluronic acid, ceramides, azeleic acid, niacinemide. These things are apparently good for skin)
-Treatment (retinoid: adapaline for acne)

I've been suffering from acne for a few months and last month I finally went to see a dermatologist for this. My doctor prescribed me a face wash, two treatments, and an antibiotic.

I never really cared about my skin, that's why i got acnes i guess. (´;︵;`)
But now i enjoy it because I'm seeing the result lol.
I would love to know your skin care routine, so do share!
Whats your skin care routine?
What's your skin care routine?
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