What is my problem? WHY are guys afraid of me?!?!

I'm 21 years old. I go to college, I have a few bands with whom I perform sometimes...I'm the vocalist. :)

I guess I'm considered 'beautiful' since EVERYONE tells me that , and even jokes about it sometimes! I have an hour glass shape which I love. I'm confident but somewhat shy when it comes to guys.

I have a fair amount of friends...mostly female, even though I have a few male friends which are really sweet.

Every time I meet a guy, he immediately presents himself as being 'very cool' and great and macho...well, he tries to be something he's not to try to impress me. Which I HATE!

(if any of them really knew me, they would know I hate macho types).

So, whenever I get a guy friend, somehow it turns out he starts acting different around me...not acting so much as just a friend, but tries to do things that would resemble boyfriend behavior, but he (any of them) never does anything concrete, like actually kissing me!

The guys that might like me (because I can actually never be sure), are afraid of me! They either immediately suppose I can't possibly be single, or they think I'm out of their league (which is completely moronic! 'leagues' DON'T exist!)...

Once, a guy even trembled when he was supposed to speak to me. I thought he was just cold, even though it was summer, but my friend told me that it's obvious he likes me, which I didn't believe. But a few months later, we got together, and he admitted that he was trembling because of me.He wanted to ask me out but just didn't know how to! OMG That was pretty funny!

For example;

A guy, my friend, who is accidentally one of my band members, is interested in me, but never actually hugs or kisses me. He texts me A LOT, teases me, touches me when he speaks, to 'prove his point', stares at me when he thinks I'm not looking, and when I am looking he gazes and smiles...because he wants me to know he likes me, but is too afraid to DO anything that could actually count for something. Like holding hands, a hug, a kiss... :(

What is the problem here then?

Am I so scary?


What is my problem? WHY are guys afraid of me?!?!
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