Does wearing contact lenses affect personality?

My boyfriend and I just had our 1st "overnight" together. Got to learn a couple new things. 1st, I knew he wears contacts but didn't know he was more or less blind w/o them. 2nd, is he really doesn't want me to see him in glasses cause he didn't even bring them.

So we're getting ready for bed. He went into the bathroom and after taking out his contacts he made his way back to the bedroom. It was way too hot last night to sleep so I wanted to set out on the swing in my back yard like we have a lot of times. This was when I noticed a big change in his attitude. Normally he's the strong, confident type. Almost cocky at times. But with his contacts out he seemed so shy and quiet. I really had to guide him the whole way outside. Usually when we're out there we'll just hold hands but this time he really wanted to cuddle. Almost like he was afraid to let go of me.

I know he was probably feeling a little (maybe more than a little) vulnerable because he couldn't see, but this was a big change for him. Thing is, I really liked it. I'd like to see it again. But I feel bad because I feel like I'm getting enjoyment out of a weakness that he can't help.

The other thing I'm not sure about is that I've heard some people who wear glasses act a lot differently when they switch to contacts. Do you think he could be just as shy if he was wearing his glasses as he was without either?
Does wearing contact lenses affect personality?
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