Do girls notice when guys check them out?

Do we make it that obvious ?

If so, guys, how can we do it without letting them know that we're doing it ?


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  • Some guys check us out "tastefully", and that's perfectly fine. It's honestly flattering to know that guys like what they see. However, there is a fine line between being tasteful and being perverted.

    For example, there was one guy who walked up to me, started talking, and just stared at my boobs and DROOLED. Mouth gaping, eyes looking down, and DROOLING. UGH! And what's worse, was that I was at work.and he had already left by the time I got a manager over there. Even worse? His mother works at the same place I do. And he's old enough to by my dad. I felt dirty, angry, and frustrated, because I couldn't kick him in the crotch and still keep my job. I honestly wished I didn't have boobs, or at least had smaller ones, since anything besides a potato sack draws attention to them. (Even t-shirts, but I can't afford a breast reduction right now - no insurance due to pre-existing conditions.)

    So, if you're going to look, don't just stare, and for God's sake, don't drool! When we're talking, look at our faces. We do have them, despite the fact that few guys seem to realize it.

    • It's sad that what that guy did made you feel like that. Your body is yours alone for life, and you should be absolutely comfortable in it. Is there no chance of a complaint being brought against the perv? Anyhoo, did he really drool? Eww! That's disgusting! It's common manners to look at a person's face when talking. What some pervs don't seem to realize is that a girl is more likely to be impressed by eye contact than perving. Am I right? I try to keep my eyes up, but it can be hard at times.

    • Yes, he really drooled, but I'm not filing a complaint. He's left me alone, since I wasn't very polite.

      We're much more impressed by eye contact than by perving, which will at best get you a "roll-eyes," at worst, a kick in the crotch. Props for trying to keep your eyes up. It's different when someone is obviously trying NOT to stare. Flattering in a funny sort of way. You like what you see so much that you can't help but look, no matter how you try not to. It's a cute sort of nervous.

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  • Sometimes guys make it obvious . But I'm sure there are other times that a guy checks out a girl and she doesn't even know about it .

    Obviously, pointing fingers or staring her down makes it obvious that you're checking her out . If you've got your eyes on a girl, try not to look at her too much or talk about her where she can overhear you .

    On the other hand, how is it bad that the girl notices that you're checking her out ? She may see that you look interested and initiate a conversation with you .

    My suggestion is that, if you can tell that a girl sees you checking her out, don't be shy . Go up and talk to her !

    • Interesting answer . Some guys do make it obvious and point or absolutely ogle her, and they make me groan at their lack of subtlety . I'm one of those guys that can be in a room full of people and just flick my eyes across the room and tell you in detail about what one girl looks like . One of the curses and blessings of a photographic memory . I try not make it obvious, yet I always hear that girls do notice anyway .

  • Yes guys make it VERY obvious lol it's not offensive as long as his tongue stays in his mouth though lol. That means no sick or piggish comments and no tongue moving gestures lol

    • Erg, no, that IS sick. No, I don't mean like that. I suppose some guys do make it REALLY obvious - staring down a girl's top even when they have looked back up from bending over. No, I meant also what about just a glancing thing when glancing past her. I have an exceptional memory to what I see when sweeping my eyes across a room.

      Anyhoo, I see you've found another of my anon Q's. Are you answering all Behavior Q's you find? Thanks anyway for the answer! Lol :)

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    • They may or may not notice it who knows? Good luck with the top spot lol I'm up there but not really trying for it lol

    • Lol. Thanks. You are actually at the top of the girls for the last seven days, last I checked. You can see I'm pretty obsessed about getting there. Lol, oh well, thanks again. ^_~

  • Of course we do.

    Almost every guy makes the same expression when checking any girl out.

    The lift of the head with the half squinted eyes.

    And most girls can just feel you staring at them,

    its creepy yet flattering at the same time.

    But hey, would you really do it if you didn't want us to notice?

    • Yep. It's like some code wired into the brain that forces the eyes to follow something the brain likes without concious thought. Guys often check girls out without even realizing that we do it.

      One of the guys asked the question in his answer of: "Do girls care if the guy checking them out is attractive or not? ie. Is it more/less flattering depending on what the guy looks like?"

    • I would say it does. Girls are going to feel more flattered if an attractice guy is checking her out compaired to someone who she doesn't find attractive.

    • Doesnt that proove women are just as shallow if not more as men

  • I think I always notice when someone's checking me out. And don't worry about being less obvious it's flattering!

  • Yes, we see it.

    Girl's are incredibly self-conscious creatures. We analyze and over-analyze then re-analyze every look we get, no matter what the heck the guy looks like. You think you're being secretive- honestly, you aren't. We see. Personally, I think it's pretty cute when a guy will glance at you momentarily, then catch your eye, then kind of look down. It's one of those "D'aww!" moments us girls tend to be drawn to.

    If you're wondering if it matters if you're ugly or not? I fell for a ugly guy after he began glancing at me momentarily and flirting. I didn't find him remotely attractive beforehand, but something made him incredibly attractive when he looked at me.

    Just don't drool over us and you'll be good.

  • If your gonna look and whisper of course we see. Or if your gonna wait till we get 2 steps out of the room then holla out how good we looked then yeah.

    • Haha, yeah. If some guy is going to do that, a girl would have to be blind and deaf not to notice. Some guys need subtlety, but guys that make inappropriate comments really, REALLY get on my nerves. I even asked a question that was basically just an excuse to let myself and any girls that answered a chance to rant at the idiots.

      A couple of answerers to this question said that 'checking out' (i.e, not drooling and no dirty commenting) is flattering. Do you agree?

    • Yea I rather that then a guy yelling out dirty things..well it kinda depends on the person saying it

    • The person saying it? What do you mean?

      BTW, I see you got the commenting correct on this one rather than re answering the question. Good. I still answer comments and it still gives you another point.

  • Yes we do and we always hope that you guys only say nice things!

    • Good simple answer, so thanks. I generally keep my thoughts to myself, and I HATE guys that make dirty comments. If I do say anything, it will be things like 'pretty' or something like that.

  • Actually it IS a flirting technique to let a girl catch you checking her out; however, if you don't want her to notice, I suggest one sided windows. or, just when she's not looking. sorry, I just feel if a girl isn't some radical feminist, she's not gonna be insulted you checked her out. its such a compliment! yeah, there's a sleazy way to do it, but just if a girl looks at you and catches you looking, its totally fine. long as ur not going damn want me a piece of that! or something.

    • Er, yeah, I definitely don't want to do it in a sleazy way . I can glance across a room and tell you all about one particular girl there, but I'd rather not do it in that way - the whole 'up/down' memorization type thing . Is it really all that much of a compliment ? Usually the guys that are caught are the one's looking down a girl's top . Sometimes for me though, when I check a girl out, it's just by my inability to stop glancing at her - she's just so beautiful and I can't help it .

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  • Of course they notice. Trust me, you want them to notice. Then you want them to notice you noticed, and then its on.

    • Lol. A couple of girls have said the same. I must admit that would be pretty funny, but mainly because I am so shy my face would light up the night sky. Any suggestions on how to move past the 'you noticed I noticed you and I like' stage?

    • I still end up grinning like an idiot most of the time.

      It's one of the toughest things to get past, because you're not going to know the signs to look for right away. She'll be giving off lots of cues with her body language, and the way she talks. It's going to take some time to trust what you see, but just remember that she's a human too, and you've both got the same desires and fears. She will give you the go ahead to move forward, if you're looking. Beyond that, just spend time with her.

    • Very cool answer. Thanks. Erm, how do you get from the stage of just looking and noticing though to the point of girlfriend? I'm generally very good at seeing the body language, so I can often see the sighs, erm, signs. Lol. Do I just need to go up to her and ask her out? Very forward for me to do that, but I suppose I could do it. When is more appropriate?

  • Hey, I totally agree with the girls. look at her, not in a perverted way. so what if she realized your checking her out! the worst is that she's not interested. but the best way to not let the girl realize is looking at her in a crowded place by side angle! hope helped

    • Sure, thanks ! Often though, the girls I've known have thought that all checking out is perverted . What is really the difference to you of pervy and non-pervy looking ?

    • Well . You know . There is difference on staring to face or eyes or her boobs and growing . What I've learned in my experience is that whatever you think inside of u, you'll show it unconsciously others . And girls are perfect to read non-verbal language . So when you check a girl out, first find out what you wanna find out about her !

    • I'm a bald,brawny,beefy-5'8'',214 lb.,18.5'' biceps amongst my measurements,so think steer wrestler or "bull-dogger,"cowgirls!-classically handsome black Canadian lad,57,

      who's said to look 15-20 years younger than my age AND to resemble a

      handsome black cowboy,is no stranger to girls' approving gazes(even today!!!),but ALMOST ALWAYS from white girls,particularly buxom blondes,rather than the many hot black babes.Can the ladies posting to this thread explain this rather strange situation?

  • This isn't really an answer, but it seems pointless to start a new question. Do girls care if someone checks them out, and they don't find the guy checking them out attractive?

    • You should ask that. Really. The new question will get more answers. This is only really getting my comment because I asked it and it gave an alert saying that I had a new answer. Good question, though.

      In my personal opinion, yes, they do. Sometimes it's flattering, and others it is creepy. It all depends on the girl and the guy. At least that's the general opinion that I got from this Q and another I asked at the time I asked this.